GEL POLISH users! -- Which brand has the BEST selection of Med-Dark NUDE/BEIGE shades

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    I realize this shade range may be B O R I N G to most, but if I am going to commit to wearing a single color of np for 2+ weeks, I need it to pretty much go with everything I wear (esp for work).

    I'm having a hard time finding LED Gel Polish in MY "nude" shade (I'm Med Olive -- slightly warm toned). Shades such as OPI Bubble Bath just look "milky" -whitish on me. And most "mauve-y" shades are too dark. I need a MEDIUM shade of BEIGE with either a tinge of pink or peach. If any of you are familiar with MAC's "Velvet Teddy" or "Cherish" or "Half N Half" lipsticks, THOSE are the type of shades I want in a gel polish. :smile:

    My go-to "nudes" are OPI Barefoot in Barcelona (peachy-brown beige), and OPI Dulce de Leche (more of a pink-ish beige brown).

    Anyone know of a GEL brand that offers a good selection of medium-dark "nudes"???

    I LOVE my Mally LED Gel System, but the small range of np colors is a bit depressing. lol

  2. You don't need to stay within one brand. That pale-peachy-pink-brown-beige color is hard to find across the board, let alone in one brand. OPI Samoan Sand might work and some of the "coffee" shade from ACG might's well.

    But you don't have to have the same color for two weeks. You can put a new layer of SOG over an existing SOG color, you can wear regular nail polish over your SOG, you can stamp your SOG.
  3. Hi!

    Thanks for your reply. :smile: And thanks for the tips on layering -- I didn't know I could do that!

    I did search many brands for those deeper nude/tan-beige shades, and yes you are SO correct, they are VERY hard to find in LED gel polish. :/

    Samoa Sand is a bit too sheer and yellow for me -- makes my nails look stained (at least in the regular OPI polish type).

    I saw a swatch of CND's "Cocoa". This seems PERFECT, but it's for UV cure only....ugh.

    Any dupes for Cocoa in an LED cure Gel polish?

  4. I really love nudes. Goes with everything. Every time I wear it I get compliments!
  5. You could try Sensationail mauve maven. Most of the reviews I've seen consider it to be a nude color. Google images has plenty of swatches.

    I second what NancyG said. I wear my favorite rnp's over my gel all the time and get a week of wear easily; even with a rnp quick-dry top coat. If you are gonna cover with gel top coat, you have to wait till the polish is dry full thickness in order to prevent wrinkling. I honestly don't know if that improves the wear very much since I've never needed to do it.

    BTW, I'm sure the lighter nude will look great on you too. I have dark brown skin, and I wear pale nudes just fine. Spam below. The last one is closer to the color you're looking for, but in a shimmery finish.

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  6. I love that last one. Really lovely finish. :smile:

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  7. Thank you! It's Sensationail going for the rose gold. It's a limited edition, so I don't know if it's still available, but Orly gel fx Rage is a very close, I think.
  8. Seche vite the regular manicure first, wait half an hour and then geltopcoat it. That's what I do and I get about 5 days of wear out of it, instead of my regular 24-36hours (heavy duty nail job).
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    hosieraussis :smile:

    Thanks for you reply and swatches! I really would love to find a crème version of your last pic. Any ideas on a similar shade in a crème?

    THIS is the actual type shade I'm looking to find in a gel polish (any brand that can use LED lamp); this is OPI Barefoot in Barcelona (rnp). I found this photo online.


    I want a crème gel np that is the same tone as my skin, but just ever so slightly deeper (as in the pic above). I did look at some pics of Mauve Maven, but it's a bit too dark and more tea rose vs nude (at least it will be against my skintone). However, I think I could probably use a similar color if it were a bit lighter in shade. Here is a pic I found online of OPI Dulce de Leche. It has that similar soft-rose tone that MM has, but it's a much closer match with my skintone (which is what I'm seeking).

    I wish OPI would make both of these shades part of their OPI Gelcolors line!



    Much thanks to you and to everyone else for your help! I did order a bunch of new gel polishes, but they are more on the café-o-lait type of nudes (more of a pale brown, I guess?). I still want some with peach and pink tones.
  10. No problem! It's a shame that more colors like the ones you've shown aren't available because they're so pretty. They will be eventually, because I firmly believe that gel polish (and various hybrids) will eventually become the new standard nail polish. No, I haven't seen any creme colors like going for the rose gold, unfortunately. Maybe check out Lechat (mockingbird or B-52, illusions), Ink, and Couture because I know they have lots of colors too. Good luck with your search. If I come across anything else, I'll post it.
  11. Thanks hosieraussis!

    Yes! I saw that B-52 color on Amazon and thought of ordering it, but I wasn't sure if I could trust the color online. I think I will order it now. I also think I saw Illusions, which looked like a pretty tan-brown shade. I will have to check Mockingbird. I never heard of Couture or Ink, so I will def check those brands out.

    Much thanks for the recs! I do hope that LED gel np offerings will grow in avail shades, as I really cannot ever imagine going back to reg np as my main choice. It's so nice to go past the 2-3 day mark for wear. I'm in HEAVEN getting to almost the 2 WEEK mark! I still can't believe how fresh my mani looks.....I wish I hadn't waited so long to buy an LED lamp. :smile:
  12. Gelish She's by beauty is a soft mauve-y color that actually fades to a color like what you're looking for. Check it out on google images.
  13. china glaze gelaze dress me up might work.
  14. Thanks SO much for all of the pink-nude & peach nude suggestions! Hubby did a Sally Beauty stop for me and brought me Gelish Mauvey-Mauve, along with a few other "more pink than nude" shades. One of them was "It's a Lily" (looks pretty, but not a nude, but he tried!), and then something called Carnival Hangover. ? Looked bright purple on the Gelish swatch, but the actual color looks like a HOT coral. ? Any who....neither are nudes, but maybe pretty for spring on toes!

    I'm going to get a few of the suggested shades and see how they do. Thanks again!


    My next search are for more "taupey-nudes". I'm not sure I can pull off greige shades, but my eye is drawn to them, so I may try a few of those as well.

    I just found this page and OMG. I am so in-love with all of these (incl the reds, even though I'm not buying those right now). This collection of grey and taupe nudes is AMAZING. Of course, they are just reg np, but I hope I can find some gel dupes.

    Any ideas on gel look-a-likes?
    I really do not want to purchase regular np anymore, but if I can't find some gel dupes, I may really be tempted....


    Images are from:





    And this Burberry is gorgeous as well -- more of a lilac-grey nude to my eye (though it's called "rose"):



    I think I saw some similar type gel np shades on the Artistic Colour site, as well as on IBD. Any other ideas?