Gel polish peeling off?

  1. I got my nails done at a salon last Saturday. The guy did gel You Don't Know Jacques. I've noticed today that its peeling off near the sides of my nail & near the base near the cuticle. I've looked closely & several of the nails have the polish lifting. Any ideas why? This is my first experience with OPI gel -I've previously used Gelish. Best I can tell the correct top coat & lights were used. But I'm really annoyed...
  2. I had gelish done before the holidays for a trip home and they peeled off after 8 days; I was very frustrated! I don't know why it happened though!
  3. The same thing happened to me with the Jessica geleration. With my last gel manicure, the polish completely peeled off on one of my nails! I don't know why it happened either
  4. When I was getting gels done in a salon, several times they peeled around day 5 and 8. I talked to my manicurist and she corrected the peeling fingers for me for free. I would call the salon and ask if they would do that for you. It shouldn't be peeling or coming off before day 14 when done professionally.
  5. Thank you for all of your replies! I had thought about calling to see if they would fix & I'm glad to see others have done that! I noticed as he was doing my nails the color seemed extremely thick on the sides. Coincidently the same sides that peeled! Maybe that had something to do with it?
  6. If its peeling that fast they did something wrong. I do my own gel nails and I've learned how to do them correctly by trial and error.

    Either it did not fully cure--from them not keeping your fingers under the lamp long enough or they have a weak uv lamp so it needs to cure longer than the recommended 2 min. Darker colors tale a longer time to cure.

    I have the gelish 18g lamp and love it!! My manis last weeks til they grow out and I have to redo it bc of growth. But when I used to have a cheap uv lamp I had to cure several times more than recommended or they did lift and peel.

    Other error they might have not prepped your nail bed well. Clean all the cuticles off the nail bed and buff the nail. Clean all debris off with alcohol.

    Or if they painted a little onto your cuticle/skin and cured it like that, the polish will lift on those areas.

    They also need to seal the free edge (paint each layer on the edge of your nail).

    If they did all that you should not have lifting or peeling. I would contact the salon if you are having peeling lifting issues so soon. It's operator error and they should redo it for free.
  7. I just read this post. Yes it peeled because she got it on your skin. When they paint it they have to be very careful to paint as close to the cuticle as possible but not touch the skin or cuticles. If they do they need to clean it off before they cure it. I get very frustrated with nail salons doing a crappy job like that. That's y I started doing my own. :smile: good luck. Sorry bout your mani..
  8. I think in my case the peeling was due to layers that were too thickly applied.
  9. It definitely got onto the sides of my fingers -that drove me nuts a day later! Good to know that will cause lifting so I can pay extra close attention next time!
  10. This was a different salon from where I got Gelish done. That girl was so careful! The only reason I went to this other place was bc they have OPI & the other salon only had Gelish. I love You Don't Know Jacques! Guess I'll go back to Gelish -I don't want to pay for sloppiness & now I'm a little gun-shy....
  11. I'm using Harmony Gelish ... They normally last 7-10 days ...
  12. ITA with what has been posted here. I do my own gel manicures at home. They will peel if there's gel on the skin or cuticle, and isn't cleaned off prior to curing. The gel will lift at that point because it isn't a good 'seal' so to speak. Too-thick coats can also cause peeling.

    I will say that I've had gel manicures done three times in salons (all OPI), and every time I had peeling within less than 4 days. Since learning to do my nails at home, my manicures last 7-14 days with no peeling. Usually I only change mine due to growing out.
  13. Hey there yup i do my own nails at home and with my last light they were lifting i got a new light and so far so good its been 4 days and only one came off with my last light it was the next day or so it would peel...

    Im not sure what he did wrong but something was def done wrong! that is for sure! they should correct it no charge and if they say they are going to charge you raise a stink then theyll either give you your money back or redo it.
  14. You could always buy a bottle of it and take it in if you and the girl have a long relationship of her doing your nails she might do your nails with that color instead... worth a shot