Gel nails....

  1. My SIL came for a visit today and she had her nails done and they were stunning. She just switched to GEL nails from arcylics a few weeks ago and had the square shape/pink and white done. Well now she had the oval shape and I think her nails looked so natural and pretty. I saw someone with very square gel nails last week and they looked so fake. Now I want to get the gel nails in the oval shape. I have been wanting to do something for so long but keep putting it off due to my painting and taking wallpaper down but seeing her nails convinced me to do it this month.
  2. they def cost a lot more than acrylics to put on and more to maintain.
  3. worth the investment :smile:
  4. I love gel nails, they look so pretty and natural.
  5. It's like 30.00 every 3 weeks, which isn't that much of an investment for me... and I love them. I get the oval and an off white tip, and I get lots of compliments. Definitely better than acrylic nails, and I've only had 1 nail break the 3 years that I've had them, and that was odd (a door slamming on my nail)... so GO FOR IT!
  6. My sister just recently switched to gel nails, she used to get acrylics put on. She loves them! She said the best part, other than how great they look, is that if she breaks a nail, her real nail underneath doesn't break, too. She plays on a volleyball league, and the acrylics used to break her actual nail, way beneath the white. She used to be in agony until her nail grew out. They look terrific!
  7. I've booked an appointment today to have mine done on tuesday it'll cost about £36 ($70) beauty is more expensive here
  8. seems to me that they last a little longer
  9. I LOVE Them!! I just cant find ANYONE in my town that can do them worth a crap. They are always to thick. I had them for years when I lived in CT. And I LOVED them. But if they do not lok perfect ( as they should) I do not want them. SO for now Im natural!
  10. I love mine, that's what I do. But I always have them painted, the white tips just scream fake to me. I am lucky, I have a gal I love and does a fab job for $18, so with $5 tip I only pay $23...I should go every 2 weeks, but usually ends up being about 3 weeks.

    I have a pic somewhere when they matched one of my agendas...I will go find it.
  11. Here are my gels, rounded and polished. The color is OPI's I'm Not Really a Waitress, I always bring my own, just in case I get a small nick or edge wear.


  12. I use to get them done when I lived in NJ. The original brand that started it all was Light Concept Nails, (LCN). A lot brands have copied the original formula, but the best it LCN. For a first time, full set its normally 120.00.
    The clear fills are normally 40.00 and the white fills are normally 60.00.

    Brisa, by Creative nail design is second best.
    But don't be fooled by cheaper brands, alot of salons still put the acrylic before they put the gel on, its still bacsically acrylic, with a gel top coat.

    The gels (LCN), were made to have the nail still breathe, and acrylic does not let the nail breathe.

    Any gels to fill under 40.00 are most likely still acrylic. The supply its self for gels are very expensive, so thats why they charge so much.

    Double check with your nail tech, to make sure there still not using acrylic.
  13. PS,

    The real gel whites are actually gel. Not nail polish or spray paint.
  14. :yes:, when my girl in on vacation, I cringe...because she is the only one I have ever found that can do them so naturally.
  15. I think it depends on where you live. I know mine are the gel only, no acrylic....but here in the bay area, there are so many 'high end' shops, the competition is huge...also the posted price for the fills is $30, but for regulars she only charges $18, but I have to make an appointment, early morning when she is slow.