Gel/longlasting new manicure at Dashing Divas?

Oct 16, 2007
New York, New York
I got a mani pedi at dd the other day and got a super sheer color (similar to essie ballet slippers). The nail tech showed me a gel on her own nails that made the color last for a couple of weeks - they have 10 colors in the range right now. After the few weeks, you had to either get the gel touched up (30 dollars) or reapplied altogether (50). They weren't gel like acrilycs or gel - it was just a longlasting, shiny polish.

I get a manicure every 2 weeks or so and usually, it lasts - so for me, I didn't see a benefit to doing this if you'd have to pay twice the price to touch up in the same amount of time. Does anyone know anything about this? TIA!


Sep 10, 2006
In the south
I know the "gel" that you're talking about. At the time, I was wearing a thin overlay over my natural nails so I still had to get a fill every two weeks. It's painted on like nail polish and you don't have to sit under the UV light or anything. I've had it before and it did last like crazy. But the only difference that I noticed between that and the traditional method was just in application.

I'm not a nail tech because I don't know if it is the same thing as traditional gel overlay (just different application method) or if it has another name. So when you find out, let me know too. lol
Feb 26, 2006
I know what you're talking about. It's like UV cured nail color that is gel based. OPI makes it too in some of their more popular shades. Other than that, I don't know much about it. If you're interested in it, I would ask how it is removed. If it doesn't soak off with acetone, that could be a problem.