geeze how long does it take?!

  1. i ordered extra tassles from balNY like what seems like an eternity ago (really its been 14 days) and i still haven't gotten them!

    does anyone remember how long they had to wait??
  2. 2-3 days?
  3. yea, i never had to wait 14 days..the longest was i think 4 days for me but it all depends on where you live too, i guess.
  4. I ordered two sets last thursday and i received it on monday. but i wouldn't know how long it usually was my first time ordering tassles.
  5. i'm so frustrated because i haven't been able to use my bags. i tossed the old tassles and i feel like i've been waiting forever. haha i'm so impatient.

    when i first called the SA said i would have to wait a month before any came in. i called like 2 days ater and a different SA actually took the time to go check and found some, but they are taking so long to get here. when i called in to ask about it this other SA was so rude!
  6. Who was the SA who helped you that actually found the tassels you wanted? Are they of a special color that other SAs have said they'd take forever? I'd re-check. You have them your payment info, so they SHOULD help you...
  7. Sarah was the SA who found them for me. They were just black tassles so I didn't think they would be so difficult to find :shrugs:
  8. I got mine in 2-3 days. I think you should give them a call.
  9. 2-3 days, never 14 days. You should give them a call, could be lost in the mail?
  10. You should call them because its not fair that you have had to wait so long!
  11. bijou...were you already charged for the tassels?