1. This girl here at my job has a fake monogram lv speedy 30 and it has the little plasict lv bead and the little canvas sample hanging off of it. I feel like saying "take that off cuz everyone knows its fake." The handles look like plastic and the logos are all completey off, not even in the places they should be. :Push:
  2. I give you a lot of credit for not having said anything to her yet. I would probably need to be muzzled!
  3. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: LMAO!!!
    But seriously, Maybe someone gave it to her as a present and she doesnt even know!! If it ends up going to her head and if she starts thinking she is all that then you could say "Wow, you probably have a Limited Edition cause I've never seen that one before!! How much did you pay for it"
  4. Unless you just don't ever want to be friends with this girl, I wouldn't say anything. Sometimes people really think their bags are real, or yes, it might have been a gift. I know it's hard, but try to bite your tongue or else you will be the one who comes off as rude.:s
  5. Its kind of funny cuz she leaves the leather tag thingy and the bead on it like it makes it look more authentic when in fact it looks fake. I know she's seen my bag and you can tell by the quality of the leather handles. Mine of course is patina but i dunno. I wont lie, i use to have 2 fakes before i got my real lv and it made me sick so as soon as i got my authentic, my mom asked for my fake ones, she just thinks the design is cute, it was either toss em in the trash or give them away. But this girl at work actually left the hangies on lol
  6. eh, i think ya should just leave her alone. it's not like she's doing ya any harm by carrying a fake. i don't think anyone should be made to feel bad based on the bags that they carry. jmo.
  7. Maybe she thinks she's supposed to leave the leather tags on, like on Coach bags? Hmm ... But I agree, it may have been a gift and she doesn't want to insult the person who gave it to her.
  8. oh no hun i am not saying anything to her. I just thinks its funny. The only way i'd say anything is if she asked my opinion or she started a conversation about it. I dont know the girl she just works with me.
  9. Coach bags are sooo cute too i almost bought one last week. I think im going to see if i can get one for christmas. I like the bigger hobo bags, theyre cute. Dont get me wrong, lv is my fav but i like all kinds of bags, I like the dooneys too, i have the doodle bag and coin purse and the bee one they have out is kind of cute.
  10. yeah, sometimes people dont know that hanging the plastic LV thing off their bag makes it scream out even more "I'M FAKE!"..saw a woman at toys r us the other day with the exact problem except her bag was a mini looping bag..i think you should just leave her to her bag and all. atleast you know it's fake.
  11. yeah its kind of funny. I wonder if she really doesnt know its fake cuz im sure if she knew she'd at least take that off
  12. just feel sorry for her and revel in the fact that she doens't even realize to take the tags off so she doens't look so pathetic
  13. Wow, I like how you're open-minded. ;) Not too many people I know own LV and dooney...I have one dooney, but I dunno if I'm going to get another (since I keep spending money on LV :graucho: ). I kinda want someone to give me one, LOL...I feel bad when people spend a lot of money on me (hence I spend my own money on LV)...but if someone gave me a Dooney that'd be great!

    But in regards to the girl with the fake...just leave her alone. Sometimes it's annoying to see someone you don't like show off a fake, but it's classier to just ignore it (and possibly laugh inside your head).
  14. I love dooneys. I like all kinds of bags not just lvs. I asked my husband to get me a groom cles for christmas so i think he will yay!! And i know it will go with my mono papillon. That way i wont have a bunch of loose change in my purse. I have a plain wallet right now and im like ewwww i want an lv