geez, these fake gucci blondie bags

  1. thanks girlfriend, i e-mail these sellers all the time & they keep selling them :hrmm: ...i can't stand that they're taking advantage of innocent people & making so much $$$ off these fake's totally illegal & i can't believe e-bay doesn't stop them :sad:
  2. thanks for always looking out for us, sweetie aaallabama! it's sad but, just think about it-we need to be challenged!!!!!
  3. I think there was a link on another thread on how to report fake purse sellers on ebay. Let me try to find the thread
  4. emailing the sellers won't do any good, you need to report them to ebay, and vero if possible.
  5. thanks so much girls, for all of your input, these sellers need to be stopped :yucky:
  6. I love how it says made by "Gucci" then claims to be authentic. WTF?
  7. i know, the least they could do is take "authentic" out of the listing!!!
  8. I sometimes report bags to Ebay but I'm not always sure they're fake. I'm glad you got a real bag aaallabama!
  9. welp, i've never reported anyone (yet), but i only accuse those whom i'm 100% certain are selling fakes after my own "$300 fake gucci blondie e-bay" experience :blink:
  10. I wanted a blondie before and was so tempted to buy it off ebay...but its so hard to tell wether its fake or reall...
  11. welp, here's my top 4 ways of telling whether i've spotted a real gucci blondie bowler: 1) they never made one in the gucci logo fabric (only white, black & olive green leather) 2) the interlocking G's, the zippers & the hardware should be a shiny, light-colored gold (not brass!!!) 3) both the inside & the outside zipper pulls are always leather (not metal!!!) 4) and most importantly, the serial # on the inside of the bag always starts with 13 :smile:
  12. You rock Aaallabama!!!! I can't even imagine how tough it would be to shut that seller down and Ebay's approach is so unethical. We're with you girl!