GEEZ...Now I want a Polly....

  1. For some reason I'm really liking the Special order and limited Vuitton bags nowadays. I like having a Vuitton piece that you don't see on every arm in the mall. My Mizi, my Stephen, my future leonor, etc,...

    Anyway I saw this bag a few weeks ago when one of our members Candace bought it and now I'm looking at it. :P

    I really like this bag. But I'm wondering if the leopard style will be too trendy. I don't follow fads BUT sometimes when you buy a piece that's so loud and different it screams "trend" and dates itself more easily than other pieces. KWIM? (know what I mean)

    I just don't want to have to store this bag away in a year because leopard becomes trendy and tacky. Does that make sense?

    What do you guys think? --About the trend not the bag. I like the bag. I'm just worried if leopard will go over and if I can wear this bag for years.

    I am a huge beleiver in wearing thatever the heck I want regardless of trends BUT this leopoard bag....I don't know how confident I am that I can rock this for years to come without looking outdated. Its too pricey to consider if the answer is no. KWIM?

    It does not have any vachetta on it so I KNOW if will last FOREVER. Literally. I will be able to pass this bag on. But will it be tacky in a few years? Cuz then what's the point. KWIM?

    Thoughts? Opinions?
    Where are my LV gals and boys

    Sunshine, Jill, John 5---- Whatcha think? Are you out there?

    Here's a pic taken from ebay if no one knows what it looks like. Yummy :P :heart:

  2. i think it's the natural progression of LV collectors to want to stick to limited items after having our fill of the regular ones. heck, the Grooms don't even excite me anymore.

    i personally think the entire Monogram Leopard collection is spot on trendy. have you considered the more conservative Embossed Monogram version of the Polly? i think that will last longer, and it looks more elegant compared :yes: oh and by the way... it's GINORMOUS!!! unless big bags have always been your thing, you might want to think about that too.

    jmho :smile:

  3. I saw the embossed monogram version online. I was thinking about color transfer like the vernis and mat line. :s But other than that they are very pretty.

    Do you know how much the embossed bags are going to go for?

    And you are SOO right about gravitating towards limited edition items once you have so many bags. That's exactly where I am now.

    I am starting to loke the Damier as well only b-cuz its not as common as mono.....
  4. i've seen a purple Mono Embossed Stephen in real life and it's pretty much like a softened Mono Mat with black patent leather trims. i don't think colour transfer or migration would be such a problem with these bags - except perhaps for the cream one. plus they're water-resistant and you don't have to worry about the calfhair rubbing against you. which may cause some baldspots. as for the price, sorry i didn't really ask.

    btw, when did Mono Mat have colour transfer problems? :s
  5. Hmmm... I am a big fan of the Monogram Leopard Polly now, so I say go ahead and get it... I mean you won't have to worry about vachetta...

    I would probably have the same worry as you... wondering if I could still rock this bag in a few years? I mean leopard print is always in and out, isn't it?

  6. ^^^Exactly! its either really in or really out. :shrugs: :s :upsidedown:
  7. I worry about the lepaord being too trendy..especially with the gold too..I agree that the embossed version loooks better and will never go out of style..Id lean towards that one!

  8. hmmm. You have good point. Darnit I just love the look of the mono poll though. if only I have 4k to blow ....then i'd say screw it and just wear it for a season . LOL
  9. I would kill for this bag!! Well....almost!
  10. ^^Isnt it a beauty?? :drool:

    I think it is a tad on the trendy side though. Which is not so bad.....but when you look at the price tag it would be nice to get more that a years wear out of it ya know?

    I'm so friggin torn with this bag. :upsidedown: I wish it would jst go away so I can forget about it. LOL
  11. :yes: I loove this does seem like leopard seems to go in and out so often, but for the most part i think you will be able to rock this bag for years...but if I had to make a choice on a polly...I'd def for the the embossed leather version, to me, seems much more elegant and easier to wear with many outfits. Since it's embossed leather, I don't think you'll have to worry about color transfer like with the vernis line. that is, unless you get the cream colored leather...let us know what you decide! btw, I saw a lady purchasing the leopard polly yesterday at the SF store! it's quite big, but a very hoTT bag!:yes:'s the price list to compare the two
    lvnew1.JPG lvnew3.JPG
  12. Thanks for the pics. ^^^

    Looking at the two polly bags side by side I still prefer the mono leopard version.

    But maybe I'll have to see the embossed in person. But the embossed stephen is BEAUTIFUL. But I already have the mono version.

    Decisions decisions.....I can probably sit on this for a week or so. I don't think the polly is as popular as the stephen. Hopefully its'll be around :graucho:

  13. I can't find a picture of the bag, but does the embossed mono Stephen have the tortoise shell chain strap? If so, I LOVE that bag. Does anyone know the price?
  14. Get the leopard Polly. It is gorgeous. I don't think that animal print will ever be "out". I've worn it for ages & love it. The "rule" is just to wear one thing with animal print. I'm going to get the leopard Adele, & the mono Stephen, basically what you will have too if you get the Polly. That way you will have a very limited piece & be glad that you don't have to buy on ebay later.
  15. True true. I hope you are happy with your decision once it is reached!!!

    ...or maybe I can meet ya up there to help you make your mind up? :lol: