Gecko Floral

  1. Hi guys

    I am just wondering does any one have the Gecko Floral scarf

    or anything in this print?

    I would love to see more pics if so!

    Or has anyone seen it in real life what do you think?

    I might buy it !
  2. Hi

    I bought the navy floral gecko scarf yesterday in Harrods (taking advantage of 10% off).
    Wore it today and it is a lovely light scarf and rather large too. I just loved the print, tried to buy the Del Ray but the quality issues were bad so settled for the scarf which I am very pleased with :smile:
  3. Pics?
  4. Hi thanks for the response, thinking about it all week - please can you post pics! It's in my shopping basket now seriously debating!!!

  5. Quick pic in my Sunday 'lounging' gear! :p
  6. Thanks for posting!
  7. oh my it is really beautiful - I think I will have to get it!!! congrats!!! The colours are just stunning

    thanks so much :smile:
  8. Go for it!
    I had debated buying this one for ages. I really wanted it and am certainly glad I got it now (plus the extra 10% off helps :graucho: )
  9. I got the smaller patterned 140cm silk wrap from there yesterday, too! we could almost have bumped into each other. :cool:

    I got the Mint (more like Pistachio than mint IMHO) the Mint has navy border with offwhite body and navy large geckos whereas the coral (Light berry) is the reverse: pale border and pale feature geckos on a navy body.

    It's so much nicer IRL than it looks online! the geckos are adorable but in a quite discreet way for those of us not in the first flush of youth.
  10. This scarf is lovely! Looks lovely on you! :tup:
  11. pic ??:smile::smile:
  12. [​IMG]

    there are four navy geckos like this:


    close up of the tiny spotted geckos:

  13. oh my!!! thanks so much!!! the purple in the scarf is beautiful! congrats , beautiful piece :smile:thanks for sharing!
  14. I love these!!!