Gearing up for spring..which is the best white Chanel?

  1. I cannot decide between a baby cabas (if I can still find one)
    ..the modern chain east west tote (have been looking for 6 months, no luck)
    ...jumbo flap with silver hardware
    ....PST with silver hardware

    I need it to be big, something that I can get in and out of fast. Any suggestions?
  2. How about the new executive (used to be called the cerf) in white with silver cc's - love it.
  3. The cabas is def easy to get in and out of- one of the reasons it's my fav shopping bag. Plus, it sits comfy on my shoulder. But, if I had to pick one on your list I would go with the jumbo. I just think it's a super bag all the way around and you can't go wrong with a flap!
  4. ^^^hmmm good idea, off to look for pics!
  5. in/out fast? Not the flap. . . the PST is a good size and would be GORGEOUS in white/silver. Is the GST too big/heavy?
  6. Not too big I don't think, but I have the pink pst and find that it holds a ton...I think there was a white pst in SF or somewhere..a pfer posted it on this forum..

    Thanks Amanda
  7. you're welcome sugah:winkiss:
    I lurve the PST in white:drool: I think it'd be easier to get in/out of than the Cabas.
  8. :tup::tup:

    Good call! I vote for PST
  9. Not sure if u are keen with black baby cabas as i know personalshoppers has a few of those sellin on eBay.

    If u are lookin for white, haven't really seen one.

    However, if u wanna something big, then my choice is baby cabas and jumbo flap with silver h/w. I think u may be able to find a white jumbo flap in silver h/w in the store (hopefully), if not black will still be the timeless classic style/color.:love:
  10. either the jumbo or pst! but u said you already have a pink pst, so go with the jumbo!!! the cabas is such a big bag already, if its in WHITE it'll look humongous, in my opinion. with the jumbo, you can wear it in the winter too, I DO =] if you want to look at pictures of how big it is compared to a reissue and a e/w bag, i have a thread called "yay i just got my reissue..." and check it out
  11. I luuuuuuurve the white pst! I have a baby cabas and am not sure if I would like it in white... have never seen it, so I can't really say. The white diamond stitch is pretty too, have you considered that? If not, I would go with the PST since you already know you love it- plus, it is much easier to get in and out than the white jumbo. (But really, I can't say much since I own a medium white flap which is even HARDER to get in and out of... :biggrin:)
  12. PST or a baby cabas :biggrin: