Geant for girls?

  1. i never thought of using damier geant bags as handbags until i stumbled across this:
    do you think i could pull of this bag as an everyday bag? i was also thinking about attaching an mc heart to it as well :smile: thoughts? tia!
  2. the base is a tab too wide IMO, but it depends on ur frame and style, :heart: unisex LV! BTW, Karman was thinking about it couple of months ago :smile:
    Conclusion: Get it and please model for us! :devil:
  3. Ya, I think it's unisex. However, I don't think it'll work on REALLY GIRLY/FEMININE people...
  4. well i'm more a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. so there won't be any wearing it with skirts or dresses. i was thinking about it in more of a casual bag :smile:
  5. I like it just not in that color I like the tierre one better...
  6. I think it would look great!
  7. I love it. However, I tend to dress pretty casual.
  8. Wow I love this bag, so cute and would work great for eveyday use. if you can get your hands on a MC heart, do it.
  9. its totally unisex and totally hot in both colors! I highly recommend this bag! I may buy it... one day :smile:
  10. thanks everyone! i'm just hoping that its not too large :smile:
  11. Is it a shoulder or hand held bag? I'd use it as a work tote if I could use it on my shoulder.
  12. I don't think the heart would look good on it in every colour. I would probably go for Black /red heart, Sand / Pink heart. I don't think the white would work well.
  13. I think it'd work great as an everyday bag...but it looks really big! I've never seen any of these in stores maybe it's not as big as it looks? :p
  14. lulu - yeah i'm going to try and check it out when i go to LV this week. i'm going to oahu this thursday so i'm getting something for the occasion :smile:
  15. I really like this range and think it would look nice with casual wear. It even says on the LV site that the bag 'is the perfect shopping companion'. :yes: ;)

    Go for it!!