GD Waitlist at Belissimo

  1. Did anyone who was on the waitlist from several months ago get a call yet? I read on another thread that she is waiting on a second round of bags to come in, which leads me to believe that there was a first round and that I did not receive a call. Anyone know anything about this?
  2. I got a call over the weekend! She left a message telling me that she had tan, brown, black, and a light grey. I didn't call her back b/c I was out of town and decided to pass. But I'd suggest giving her a ring.
  3. Just much are the drape/charlotte/24 (not sure of the name) bags going for now?
  4. Thanks Wicked! I will give Toni a call. I think they are going for $325 plus shipping at this store-that is what she quoted me way back whenever I got on the list.
  5. Wait a minute; there was a light grey in the mix, too?!! :cry: She told me she only had tan and cream, and I talked to her last Saturday. I ordered the tan, but was wanting the grey also. She did mention a second batch of bags soon to come in.

    She's selling them for $325, plus tax included if you're in Cali, and another $10 for shipping.
  6. I just called this morning and was told there were no bags currently available, but that they are expecting another shipment sometime next week.
  7. You were on the wait list, weren't you?
  8. I was on the waitlist--but don't know where I fell in line She called on April 8 at 12:09pm PST. In her message she mentioned that she was going through the list and that there was a grey. But that they were going quickly....
  9. Oh, I see. I guess no more grey by the time she got to my name. Thanks for the clarification. That was a really quick turnaround in sales! :amazed:
  10. I was on the waitlist for a tan, but by the time she'd received her shipment and called me (last weekend), I'd already ordered one from BG. If she's planning to get more gray bags, I might have to check in and get waitlisted again!
  11. ^^What about BG - they have the bags in stock right now!
  12. BG has the tan, black and dark brown, I believe. At least, that's what they had last week in the original Charlotte bags (ones without chain handles). I received my tan yesterday. Now am obsessing about my next color!
  13. Toni told me that the only ones in were white and creme. Tan was not in yet and that I should call back next week.
  14. Got a call back from Toni. They now have black and dark brown bags in.
  15. I got a message that there were brown only!