GD question

  1. after reading all these posts about gerard bags, im really wanting one! All you ladies gerard bags are so beautiful it's making me drool!
    My friend is traveling to europe next week, and i wanted to ask him to get one there for me since apparently it's more common there? Does anyone knwo which country in europe is most easy to purchase a gerard bag?(he is going to several diff countries) ... and also, would u think the price is any cheaper if purchased there as opposed to here from BG?
    and wut color would u all recommend me get as a first charlotte? im thinking maybe the congac...or if it's!
  2. I bought mine in Paris and it ended up costing me a little less than $260.00 after the VAT refund. I would think that the bag would be easiest to find in France.
  3. Can I tag on a question, asking maybe if there is a list of places that sells them? Europe & US?
  4. There is no shop in Germany. Best place to buy is France. they are wonderful bags but not easy to get. I"ll order mine from France as well.
  5. They are available in Holland too at Maison Bonneterie. I just found that out from the GD Dutch rep.
  6. they are available in quite a good selection of colours in rome, via frattina, the ladies there are great (especially annalisa)
  7. It's definitely cheaper in the EU. I bought mine from BG and it was $395 + tax. Good luck!!
  8. Many Gerard Darel shops in Paris:

    130 r Réaumur 75002 Paris
    174 Bd Saint Germain 75006 Paris
    22 r Royale 75008 PARIS
    53 av Ternes 75017 PARIS
    Palais des Congrès 2 pl Porte Maillot 75017 PARIS
    2 pl Passy 75016 PARIS

    Very good selection in LaFayette Department store in Paris.

    London: Gerard Darel shop on 31 Old Bond Street.
  9. thanks for all ur useful info! lets hope my friend can be nice enough to help me find one during his trip=)