GD Charlotte - upgrade to LV?

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  1. Hi Ladies (& Gents). I bought the Charlotte last month and whilst I do like it, think I might sell it and upgrade it to a LV Mezzo or similar. Do you think this is a good move? I've only used the GD once and love the leather, but it's not big enough for my plethora of kids stuff. Or should I keep it and also buy an LV? I don't want to have bags around that I don't use, and I can justify buying the LV if I sell the GD. What to do, what to do......
  2. IMHO, good move. LV will always keep their value and their longevity, not to mention class.
  3. I would keep the charlotte and buy the LV:P
  4. YES!!! Upgrade to LV!!! What do you think of the Popincourt Haut? Or the Batignolles Horizontal? Those are two new hot bags that I like...
  5. i would keep both.
    lv is so much seen, buy it if you like it but the charlotte is less inflationated!
  6. I just hate to see the bag sitting there and I know I'll use the LV more. Any suggestions for ebay? I'm in Holland, would it be best to list in on ebay USA in US$. Can't make up my mind. I do need a brown bag though. Aaaaggghhhhhh! *head explodes*
  7. if you need a brown bag, keep it!
  8. ditto, I'm with darelgirl. I wouldn't give up the GD. It's too nice of a bag.:nuts:
  9. I say both too!
  10. Hi Cal, what color is your GD? If you ever decide to sell (take your time to decide!) pm me... i might be interested. btw, i'm based in london...
  11. I understand the Mezzo is more practical for your life style now but I find the GD and the Mezzo (or any LV) are totally different looking bag and they serve different purpose and occassion, so I would keep it. You can use the GD when you have a babysitter and can go out do your own things. Sell the GD later when you find you really haven't used it much.

    And instead of getting the Mezzo, have you considered Batignolles Horizontal? I saw it the other day on a girl, it's good looking bag even I don't like monogram anymore.
  12. First, if the GD is not a trendy color and you love it (black, brown) keep it the leather is wonderful. I couldn't get the GD on my shoulder with a bulky coat easily and couldn't stand that.

    My vote. If you will use it keep it. If it sits more in the closet than on your arm pm muppy. I don't agree with the theory you will use it in the future. There is always another bag on the horizon! Most importantly remember kids grow up and we can always save for another bag. The LV isn't going anywhere fast.
  13. i agree with previous posts. GD and LV are entirely different looks, serving different purposes. keep it and get the LV too. however, if its that ur heart is yearning for the LV but nedd the extra money to buy it, then seel the GD. i have learned not to simple settle for a bag. they are both nice bags.