GBS Screening??

  1. So I tested postive for group b strep today.:crybaby:

    The doc says as long as I'm treated with antibiotics during labor, the baby should be fine but has anyone else had this happen to them?

    I know the chances are slim that our baby will become ill but reading about it online makes me :shocked::cry:. I shouldn't even be reading about it online!!

    It's our first so that's why I'm so concerned..any help plz?
  2. A friend of mine tested positive with her last child and read all the things that you are prob. reading and totaly freaked out. They gave her the antibiotics and baby was fine.

    I am sure you'll be fine as well. I just had my test two weeks ago and it was actually the very first test in my entire pregnancy that I "passed." I was sure I was going to test positive as well.

    Try to remain positive and don't research on the internet. They never write stories about the millions of cases that turned out find.

    Hang in there!!!
  3. Thanks so much for your's nice to know that there are other people out there who have gone through this and their baby was fine.

    Did your friend have to stay in the hospital longer and/or did her baby?
  4. I tested positive, DO NOT worry about. A LOT of us test positive and they'll just add an antibiotic to your IV adn you both will be perfect!
  5. This is totally normal. I freaked out the first time I got it with my first baby, but 2nd time around... I was very calm. haha. :smile: Its totally common and normal. :smile:
  6. I tested positive the 2nd time around. They will need to administer antibiotics once your water has broken. I had the IV put in but didn't get any antibiotics because my son was born with his amniotic sac intact (Ob ripped it with her thumbs - ewwww).
  7. I am getting it tested next week and my OB said not to worry about it. He says 80% women will test positive and as long as get that IV antibiotics during labor, you will be fine and the baby will be fine too.
  8. Aw guys..that's why I love y'all so much!!!!!!!!!!! :p

    So comforting to know and feels nice that everyone came out perfect and healthy! It certainly sets my mind at ease.

    What would I do w/o y'all!??!! :okay::flowers:
  9. GBS is no big deal as long as you get treated. One of the things you shouldn't waste too much time worrying about!