Gaza Luxe Satchel from HH arrived

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  1. I got it in the bittersweet and oh! Oh! OH! :tup:

    This bag is simply delicious! Everything about it is FABULOUS! I love the distressed leather, the color is like the best dark chocolate from Lindt and it's ALL about organization. If you can't find a place to put stuff in this bag, you're really in bad shape! There are pockets within the would be a fabulous work bag, school bag or travel bag.

    The interior is made of a tough denim-like fabric, there is the brass plate with the insignia and there are even net pouches for stuff, pen holders, you name it!

    It fits beautifully on the shoulder, it's not too heavy and it came beautifully packaged and HH included a 15% off coupon.

    I've gotten several bags recently but this one is really special and I couldn't be more pleased with the quality. If you're on the fence, definitely jump off and GET IT while it's on sale!!!!!!!!!! :heart:
  2. congrats and thanks for the description! i am really really really so tempted and this is pushing me over the edge :graucho:....
  3. Glad you like it. I love Hayden Harnett!
  4. Did I mention how very soft and pliable the leather is???? :graucho:
  5. ugh, you're killing me!!!!! ;)

    to put the final nail in my coffin (this will be purse #4 this month... and a record pace for me), what do you think about prune vs. bittersweet now that you have it in your hands? i remember you were debating slightly before...

  6. Ok here's your last nail! LOL I'm sure the prune would be stunning..but seriously, I love the bittersweet so much, I don't even care about the prune anymore. :tup:
  7. Ooh I love the Gaza Luxe too! I was thinking of the Prune too - basically I was thinking of all the purples because all the HH purples I love!

    Make sure you take some pictures for us!
  8. Pics! Sounds wonderful!
  9. jandelvis, your nail is my spike. I just bought the ... the .... ::shuffling papers:: ... Tuileries Printed Leather Satchel in Luggage. It's a $500+ bag, for god's sake, on SALE!!! On SALE!!! HH even threw in a free coinpurse. I think they should have thrown in a free handbag - this is my 6th bag from HH this month, plus the two accessories (clutch wallet and carryall cosmetic-type bag). YOU were directly responsible for me getting one of those handbags. You OWE me and all of us HH Ho-dom Members. Get on it, girl!:wlae:
  10. indiaink - you & grace are going to be the end of my financial viability, but atleast i am going to look cute on the way down! :yes:

    i've been reading the threads about 'how do you afford this' and 'how many bags do you own' with some trepidation about entering the fray. i am really new to spending 100's on purses (previously, coach was my big ticket purse, but always for a steal off ebay). i am fully convinced it's worth it for some of these designers, but the heart thumping that comes along with entering my credit card info (again) is kind of scary! on one hand, this new addiction has brought me tons of pleasure - i am totally obsessed with my new HH bags and feel so great with them in tow... i can't imagine an outfit without them now. but on the other hand i also need to be careful about my spending habits since i don't, um, have a real job, pay sky high tuition and would like to buy a condo someday. i am selling off a bunch of stuff on ebay tomorrow that i love less than my HH bags :smile: thanks indiaink for the responsible advice!

    now i'm going to go git that darn Gaza!!!
  11. Did you git it? LOL I'm going to take some pictures and post them for you later today.
  12. The Gaza sounds great! We want pictures! :graucho:
  13. Here you go!

    Attached Files:

  14. And a few more. Is this bag Luxe or not? :yes:

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  15. i just looked at your pictures after a huge breakfast, and feel nauseous because my stomach did a flip when i saw that THIS BAG IS FREAKING AMAZING!

    i really like the greenish trim that i hadn't noticed on the HH site!!!!!!!!!!