Gayle's Collection <3

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  1. Hi, here is just some of my whole collection.

    Attached Files:

  2. :wtf::drool::wtf: @ ur accessories and small leather goods.. LOVE THEM .. swear i cant stop staaaarring at them:love:

    very gorgeous collection :love: .. stam TDF

    OT: ur signature is hillllllllllarious:roflmfao:
  3. Love EVERYTHING! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  4. Will be posting my other bags, plus clearer pics of ALL my stuff AND labeled with a Clean 10 min. :yes: xoxo.

    Ok, so here is the full collection, neater, clearer, labeled, sorted all with a neat bed and cushion. I hate making my bed so the above/opening pics were me being my lazy self...sorry! Anyhoo..I'm gonna insert them in nicely so you don't have to click 21 times. =) Shall we begin?

    LV Multicolore Speedy 30 - Noir

    LV Multicolore Speedy 30 - Blanc

    LV Multicolore PTI (Noir), Pochette (Noir) Cerise PMR, MC PMP (Blanc) Monogram Groom Cles

    Monogram Cerise Speedy 25

    Chanel Cambon Ligne (or is it Ligne Cambom - could never get it straight, lol) Flap Tote in Pink/Blk

    LV Denim Baggy GM in Blue and Denim Pochette (dont recall exact given title right now) in Green

    Dior Logo Large Saddle in Blk/White Jaquard

    Fendi Logo Zucchino Tall Hobo in Navy/Beige

    Ok, There's more to come - making final post now with the rest!!!!! xoxo.

    And here's the rest of my full collection! Enjoy!!!!!

    Gucci Logo Blk/Blk Medium Signature Boston Bag (With Horsebit Detail)

    LV Monogram Keepall 55 Luggage/Duffel

    LV Monogram Viva-Citi GM

    LV Monogram Montsouris GM Backpack

    LV Monogram Speedy 30 (This is my 1st EVER Louis Vuitton bag!!!!!!....and it all went downhill from there...LOL)

    Marc Jacobs Stam in Mouse

    LV Perforation Pochette in Fuschia and Murakami Panda Pochette

    LV Accessories: Logo Strauss in Brown/Tan; Jack and Lucie Keycharms in Mono and Multi; Inclusion GM and matching ring in Rose; 3-set Hair Pins (cruise line I think); Multicolore Pastilles Charms; Monogram Teddy/Turtle Pin Set; Cruise Strawberry/Logo Heart Earring Set

    OK - I LIED----I just saw I have 3 more pics left, will finish it all now in another post, hahaha.

    Keep enjoying.....

    Dior Leather St. Germain Shoulder Bag

    Coach Suede Demi Bag in Tan; Signature Demi Pouch in Red

    LV Miroir Speedy 30 in Silver (aka: LUTIE !!)

    And as just an extra added thing...I'm a bit of an accessory and super Juicy Couture nut, so here are my collection of Juicy stuff just to share w/ you ladies :heart: (Sorry for the brightness, I had flash on and they glitter alot so excuse the more white-ish areas please) see below!

    Juicy Couture Necklace w/ Pave Charm; Juicy Hoop earring and Charm earrings; Michele Diamond Watch; Limited Juicy Couture 3-ring set; Juicy 2006 Xmas charm bracelet; Juicy Signature Charm bracelet with: cupcake, status bag, cherries, lipstick, scottie, jewelry box, horseshoe and already attached bracelet charms (heart and J); Gucci Logo Watch in Beige; Coach Gold leather station bangle, Juicy crysal buckle bracelet in Olive green

    OKIE, that's all...hope you liked xoxoxxoxo. Thanks for looking - will update as I get new stuff. :love:
  8. very cute collection ! esp love your Chanel!
    thanks for sharing =)
  9. I enjoyed looking at every single item. WOW! You have great taste. Thank you so much for sharing.
  10. Stunning collection! I love every piece!
  11. wow love everything!
  12. Gorgeous collection!!! I love everything!!!!!!
  13. Very nice, love all the little stuff and charms :smile:
  14. Great collection.
  15. awesome collection! Thanks for sharing :smile: