Gay, Straight or taken??

  1. Has anyone watch this show in Lifetime??

    Very interesting show. It's a dating show with a twist. The girl has to guess which guy she's dating was Gay, Straight or taken.

    I got the gay one right all the time but it's kinda hard to guess the single one and taken one. I guess because they behave the same way toward other girl eventhough they are taken :roflmfao:
  2. i wanna see...when is this on?
  3. AHH I want to see that.. lol I will probably get the gay guy right.. Hahah..
  4. Beside Monday at 8 pm et/pt ,they will show it again Friday 11 pm and Sunday at 10 am et/pt

    It's fun show..
  5. I'm going to try and watch it too !
  6. I caught some of it the other night. I really like it!