Gay flamingos pick up chick

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  1. Mon May 21, 12:03 PM

    LONDON (AFP) - A pair of gay flamingos have adopted an abandoned chick, becoming parents after being together for six years, a British conservation organisation said Monday.

    Carlos and Fernando had been desperate to start a family, even chasing other flamingos from their nests to take over their eggs at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) in Slimbridge near Bristol.

    But their egg-sitting prowess made them the top choice for taking an unhatched egg under their wings when one of the Greater Flamingo nests was abandoned.

    The couple, together for six years, can feed chicks by producing milk in their throats.

    "Fernando and Carlos are a same sex couple who have been known to steal other flamingos' eggs by chasing them off their nest because they wanted to rear them themselves," said WWT spokeswoman Jane Waghorn.

    "They were rather good at sitting on eggs and hatching them so last week, when a nest was abandoned, it seemed like a good idea to make them surrogate parents."

    Gay flamingos are not uncommon, she added.

    "If there aren't enough females or they don't hit it off with them, they will pair off with other males," she said.

  2. WOW lol i didnt know that! How interesting to hear that gay flamingos are common:smile:
  3. ^
    Gay [insert virtually any animal] isen't that uncommon, there'a an exhibition on it here at the moment, and it was in the news quite a lot here (Norway). ^_^
  4. Lol I didn't know that gay flammingos exsisted.
    Well good for Carlos and Fernando for starting a family I hope everything works out for them.
  5. Fernando and Carlos. How perfect are their names! LOL
  6. LOL That's awesome!!! people make great parents too. We could all learn a thing or two from the Flamingos. ;)
  7. This is a funny story. I love their names, LOL. I agree Liberte, my boy chi is gay, hahaha, never tries to get frisky with my female chi but when our friends bring their boy dog over....they are all over each other, lol.
  8. Wow! Never knew gay flamingos exist!! Carlos and Fernando, great names for the couple!! Wonder what the chick's name will be :biggrin:
  9. faaabulous i hope gayman sees this. how priceless!
  10. This also happened not too long ago with a pair of male California Condors. Or were they vultures? I don't quite remember but they were large birds.