GAWWW Look at this Gorgeous quilted tote on Ebay...would you guys buy this?

  1. Wow i'm drooling. What do ya guys think?
  2. Yay! I just got that in black and love it!!! It holds everything!!! I highly recommend it.
  3. I think that bag had gone on sale on NM's website. Not sure if it's still there. I recall reading that someone on the PF ordered it.
  4. Looks like it might be the same on that's on p. 125 of the sale thread. Bloomies online has it in stock right now for $810.
  5. i would buy it if it were in black.
  6. I love the color! It's such a rich shade of brown. I'm not a fan of the multiple zipper pockets though.
  7. This was on sale on Eluxury a few days ago...I can't recall which color though.
  8. It's a lovely bag - Nordies had it on sale a few weeks ago.
  9. There's a black one in Zoe, an ivory one in eluxury and a brown one in bloomigdales... all on sale. :smile: Good luck!

    I ordered one from nm around a month ago and I still haven't received it. Apparently it got held up at customs. Should receive it next week though. I'm so so so excited!