Gawker Stalker

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  1. Wow. That's kinda creepy. Would be really easy for a stalker to find their victim. Very bad idea if you ask me. :Push:
  2. Yeah, that is creepy. . .

  3. It is creepy but no more creepy then all the celeb rags we read. Freedom of speech I guess. Technology really puts us in touch with everyone in real time.
  4. They could be lying aswell. They don't neccessarily see all these people. But I know celebs are outraged. It could get dangerous.
  5. They recently changed the format to that....I don't like it. In the past, they just listed celeb sighting from people.
  6. wow, is this even legal? I mean, wouldn't the site be liable or something if a stalker found out where a celeb was and did something bad to him/her?
  7. It's kind of like a really high tech version of maps to celeb houses, except now you can even find them when they're out.

    It does suck to lose your privacy.
  8. I agree this is creepy. I'm sure a lot of the reports are false though.
  9. omg:

    "i just saw kate hudson buying tampons (super plus) and a bottle of snapple at duane reed on 47th and lex..."

    i cannot even imagine being so famous my menstrual products would be interesting enough to post on a website!
  10. what a pain in the butt for anyone famous. Very creepy :blink:
  11. I think it's just so wrong on so many levels...:wacko:
  12. CNN Showbiz Tonight did a huge 'expose' on this, and have been asking celebs what they think about this...

    Not surprisingly, no one is warming to this idea. They even had the Gawker creater (editor, or whatever) on to 'try' and defend this new feature..