blog post, with many comments, on luxury bags

  1. That was interesting, extremely true. I didn't know that about hermes bags.
  2. Interesting article, thanks for posting!
  3. I put this in my favorites to view looks like it could be quite interesting. Thanks!
  4. Wow, the comments posted on that blog were vile.
  5. Yes....I noticed that, too. Seems like there was a lot of handbag bashing with no sugar-coating. I want to read more, but I don't think I would ever post there because of the blatant meanness going on. :shrugs:
  6. Thanks! I thought it was interesting & funny!
  7. ITA with the comment made by Miu Miu, bags can be worn by anyone regardless of shape or size. skinny jeans on the other hand, is another topic all to its own.
  8. I liked this quote:

    According to annual consumer surveys conducted by Coach each year, the average American woman purchased two new handbags a year in 2000; by 2004, that number was more than four.

    Someone should write a story about all the shopping that goes on b/c of this forum. Hey, wait, I'm an aspiring writer :yes:
  9. There an idea! :p. Before I joined this forum I think I bought ONE handbag once every two or three years. Just not a top priority or of any interest to me, you know? Since I joined in March I've already purchased THREE handbags!! And I keep ogling and drooling and thinking about purchasing! I should probably go on a purse ban but I tell myself that I get some slack since my inception into the wonderful world of handbag love was so recent :graucho:.
  10. ^^^ Hmm, well, I joined in March also. I now have over 1,000 posts. I cannot even tell you how many bags I have purchased, sold, returned and kept ever since finding this forum. :nuts:
  11. I cannot believe people used their Red Cross cards to buy bags!!!!!!!!! Are you serious?!! Where are their priorities?! Really.

    Kudus to LV for stop taking the cards for payment.
  12. I remember reading that at the time. Some folks went on major luxury sprees.
  13. I remember hearing about Hurricaine Katrina victims buying Vuitton bags with their Red Cross cards. I think that's really terrible and honestly a little materialistic. Hello, the government gave you the money to get things that you NEED, not things that you want.
  14. ^^ Some folks even used Red Cross cards at porn shops and strip clubs.