GAWD...I need a vacation! Best places to go??

  1. I am coming down from an exhausting X-mas/New Year...and just feel literally DRAINED.

    I think I'm going to look at some short 3-4 day vacations...some where warm..calm..and care-free...any suggestions???
  2. My favourites are Orlando, Miami & Las Vegas
  3. We went to Atlantis in the Bahamas for three nights and it was incredibly fun and relaxing!
  4. i'd recommend for short trips las vegas..but relaxing?

    i'd check out some houses that are for "rent" along california coast line..don't know the city names because i'm HORRIBLE with geographics but i was taken to a few and they are really nice, big spacious house with nature surrounding it so you can walk (bring your dog/cat if you have one) and usually most houses have a hot tub and it's just a home away from home you know?
  5. I am going for a 4 day vacation in April to St. Lucia. Fabulous price...all inclusive...booked at I have also been to the Dominican Republic which was fabulous! The water was the best I have seen ever! It was also all-inclusive.:yes:
  6. Go somewhere warm..Miami or Hawaii. Vegas can be relaxing if you get spa treatments. =) Somewhere in the Caribbean would be awesome though! Hope you get to go on a trip!
  7. I highly recommend the Turks and Caicos..been there twice and it is so unspoiled with soft, gorgeous white sand and the clearest blue water (with the best snorkelling) you will ever see! It is also very quiet and relaxing:love:
  8. Maui :heart: