Gawd I just bought a coin purse!

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  1. Oh dear!

    ...... Here is a clue on the colour.....



    It is so vibrant, I love it! What do you girls/(guys?) think??

  2. very cute!!
  3. I just got one in Blue India... and it is SOOOOO handy...

    It fits ALL my makeup, and I just love her to bits!

    I LOVE the colour!

    It's the best being able to pull a Balenciaga out of a Balenciaga, very matching!

  4. Love it!
  5. oooohh I LOVE the color...congrats!
  6. Congratulations.
  7. Gotta love it, it's great!!
  8. She's a beauty!
  9. Gorgeous! I just received my vert gazon coin purse today. I had a coin purse before and sold it, regretted it, and now I'm back in business!!
  10. ^ hehe, I did the same thing, Lori, but w/ a makeup. B-bags really do inspire seller's regret.

    Hmm. Just realized that when I ordered my "red" coin purse from Barney's, I didn't ask if it was Vif or Vermillion. Hope it's Verm, yours looks beautiful!
  11. Nice red :smile: I love red
  12. love the color, and i love coin purses!

    gorgeous, congrats! :wlae:
  13. Gorgeous! Love her vibrant colour!
  14. It's lovely :heart: Congrats!
  15. Oh, pain, color me ENVIOUS! :drool: :love: It's TDF... I'd just opened your thread with my 5-year old daughter with me and she says, "MAMA, I want one of them!" So, I say that I want one, and she says, both of us can have one. So I might have to start saving up for both myself and my little fashionista. BRAT! :wondering