Gave up regular soda...weight still coming off

  1. I don't know if some of you remember...but back in mid-December I gave up regular soda. I used to comsume somewhere around 1500 calories a day in just soda.
    Since then I have lost 10 pounds!
    I have also tried to mix up some healthy eating too....I started eating breakfast every morning (a non-fat Yoplait yogurt).
    I also gave up candy and chocolate bars (those weren't a major part of my diet though).
    Haven't exercised (aside from walking across campus twice a day 5x a week).

    I have really noticed the weight loss in ym stomach (getting flatter) and I am now notching on hole #5 of my belts instead of hole #1 or 2.
    My poor RR jeans are falling off me (wah!....I just paid $300 for them in December)!
  2. good for you! congrats. actually soda (i assume you mean coke and stuff?) is just pure poison with all the artificial stuff (tastes nice, i know). anyway, the calories are not worth it!
    in UK they had a show by Dr Gillian McKeith, and if you saw what soda did to people..... oh, and after this show I will NEVER NEVER NEVER touch a hot dog again, ever!

    enjoy your new self - can do some new shopping now!!!! yipee
  3. Twiggers what are substituting in place of soda for drinks? I need to break myself away from drinking soda but usually I only last a week. I suspect it has a lot to do with why I have gained so much weight in my belly. I have a distended tummy, like pooh bear. Yet I'm slim everywhere else.
  4. Twiggers, that rocks! :nuts: I know soda is hard to kick (LOL I feel as if I'm talking about drugs) - I still have a Diet Coke every day :shame: It's amazing how addicted we can get to soft drinks! Are you downing a ton of water? Eating breakfast is a great habit to adopt, helps kickstart your metabolism in the morning :smile: Congrats on making a great change!
  5. Wow congrats!! yup giving up soda will help the tummy go down. i was soda addict too and i gave it up and no more bloaty belly
  6. I'm addicted tp soda diet coke, i dont think its that much better than regular soda but a few years ago i realized how many calories were in beverages. For some odd reason I used tot hink anything in liquid form couldnt make me overweight. I was wrong. I used to drink Jamba Juice at least 4 times a week. After i stopped, I lost a lot of weight. Its amazing how much a drank a day alone could do.
  7. congrats!! i wish when i stopped drinking soda/anything but water i lost weight.
  8. Congrats Twiggers! :wlae:
  9. Congrats!!!

    I was never a soda person, so it did not affect me, but it is sooo many calories and preservatives and just nasty ingredients! Good for you
  10. thats great! i dont drink soda or snack and eat really healthy but i cant seem to lose the bulge. maybe its the age :cursing:
  11. Congrats you must feel so proud of yourself! It's a good thing giving up fizzy drinks because in the USA they are made with high fructose corn syrup instead of regular sugar and high fructose corn syrup is meant to be more detrimental to health than normal sugar.

    Fortunately for me I'm not a fizzy drink person but unfortunately I am a chocolate and cake person which I can't give up. I always have chocolate in the house and I feel depressed when there isn't any cake in the house!
  12. congrats for losing that weight! i did that for a while and lost a lot, i need to start again b/c I rarely drink water!
  13. congrats on the progress, its very admirable that you have so much will power!
  14. Congrats Twiggers, keep up the good work!
  15. Great job Twiggers!!!

    If you want the soda fizz, try club soda. That's my new thing now. It has 0 calories, 0 everything!!!! Sometimes i'll add a fresh squeezed grapefruit into club soda and it is marvelous!!!

    BTW, I've reduced my red wine consumption and that makes a great difference!!!