Gave up Nimbus; got consolation prize

  1. I was trying to be good and leave the mall empty-handed after returning the nimbus pm but then I saw this and, well, the price point was too good to pass up. Can anyone identify the designer and guess the price?
  2. Versace?
  3. I dont recognize the designer, no signature touches I can identify, hard to guess pricing without more detail and pics. But I wanna see more LVs LOL!
  4. Miu Miu?
  5. i think it's either miu miu or prada...
  6. I will say Miu Miu's... Price $895 on sale?
  7. its miumiu right? i was looking at the bags yesterday it looks the same.. anyways is it on sale!???? my friend's been wanting one ever since summer started.
  8. That looks like my MIU MIU coffer, but with something else on it and mising the longer strap. What is on the front though? hmmmm
  9. Thats not a coffer, I cant see what is on the front of the bag, underneath the lock
  10. omg steve madden, shut up!!!
  11. Steve madden, 150.00 now do I get a prize?

  12. Ladies and Gentlemen - we have a winner. Yep, it's a Steve Madden and it was $150. Pretty cute and I won't feel guilty wearing it in the rain or snow. The lock on the front was so tough I couldn't resist. Not a bad bargain, huh?
  13. Def a cutie - and no worries on the weather than with that price tag. Good for you for being thrifty and finding something you like!
  14. it's a great bag congrats!
  15. Prettyyyy! It's only $150?