Gave San Francisco LV store another chance!

  1. Hi everyone, I had pretty much banned myself from going to the new LV store in San Francisco. Not because the store was too tempting (well, maybe just a little), but because I had brought my mono wallet in for repair and was met with a super snotty SA who basically said my wallet was very old and they couldn't do anything with it! So I went across the street to Neiman Marcus and they sent it in for me.

    Today I was in Union Square at lunch and I decided to go in. (I guess I had a little attitude today, and I went in telling myself that no one was going to mess with me! :rolleyes: ) I really wanted a credit card holder so I got the mono one with the clear plastic sleeves.

    Thankfully I had a WONDERFUL SA who helped me with my transaction. She even took the time to show me all the new bags that are coming out in a month or so -- and I put my name on the list for a new cream-colored Speedy and the new tote with lace embroidery on it. (Sorry, I can never remember item names!)

    If anyone is looking for a great SA, her name is Hazel. She can be reached at 415.391.3736. Tell her I sent you!
  2. Wonderful - so glad you had a good experience. A good SA can change a whole store.
  3. Awwwh congrats on your redeeming experience! It's always so much more of a pleasure to shop when the SAs are nice :biggrin:
  4. aww!! congrats! it makes the shopping experiecne better when you have a great SA, doesnt it? for me, it does!
  5. Isn't it amazing how one persons attitude can make all the difference in the world?
    Glad you had a good experience. I've been thinking of one of those cc holders too;) . They look very functional!
  6. The cream speedy probably is Epi white speedy or new mini lin speedy?
  7. Yay!! A good SA can make such a difference, LV needs to keep some of those customer satisfaction survey cards on the counters so the SA'scan see if you want to report them. Glad to hear that you have found a good one.
  8. It's so cool that you have a super old mono that you really love and can send in for repair (I LOVE that) and also that you're ordering new bags!!!! Congratulations!!! Can't wait to see pics.... If it's the white epi, yikes, I didn't know it was coming out yet....
  9. Yay, I'm glad you found a super sweet SA!! And congrats on the new mono piece!
  10. Isn't great to have a super SA!
  11. congrats! i love your cat btw!
  12. Glad they're treating you better.
  13. I'm happy for you, a good SA makes all the difference!
  14. That's so true!
  15. I'm glad you were treated well this time around!