gave my thirsty Muse a drink...

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    <----- NOTE: THIS IS A 2006 THREAD

    ...of the Apple leather care lotion, and she loved it!

    I recommend this stuff. I am someone who has long refused to treat my bags with anything! But then I got several bad scratches on my Chocolate Muse last week from the sharp edges of a shopping bag. :nuts:

    So I treated it with the Apple leather care lotion--the conditioning lotion, NOT the Apple cleaner, and NOT the Apple Guarde water-proofing spray. The scatches disappeared. Then I applied the lotion to the whole bag, and it looks great. The leather previously had a few dry spots, if you know what I mean, but the lotion made it all even and supple looking, without changing the color or texture in any harmful way.

    I know some PFers swear by this Apple stuff, and now I'm on the bandwagon too. Thanks for the advice on it! (Next up for treatment: my Fendi Spy and Mulberry Roxanne.)
  2. Good to know. Thanks.
  3. Where do you get the Apple line of care for your bags?? Do you know if it works for color transfers, like getting it off?? Thanks!:heart:
  4. I had wondered about this. Are you intending to use the protector spray at all? I was wondering how that would work, but I'm afraid to try it.
  5. Thanks for the tip. My chocolate muse also has a scratch, I think I'll buy a bottle of this stuff !
  6. ^^^^I bought my Apple products from

    I am not intending to use the Apple Guarde spray water-repellant.

    However, if you search the entire PF, you will see tons of comments on the various Apple products, including application tips and recommendations for what to use on what...I learned a lot by reading about all the other PFers experiences with this line, and then decided what I would be comfortable trying. Good luck!
  7. ^^^^In particular, I would recommend reading this "How To" information posted on an ebay page of a PF member, LivinLuxuriously. She clearly explains the different uses for the different Apple products, which has been a point of confusion in this forum....

    eBay View About Me for livinluxuriously

  8. Thanks!!! This will help a lot!!!:heart:
  9. Thanks cosmopolitan that does help a lot!
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    I used the Apple conditioner for the first time on my BBags today and LOVED LOVED LOVED it! But I am still scared to use it on my YSL Muse because the leather is so smooth and flawles...will the conditioner protect it from water stains too?
  11. Thanks for the recommendation Cosmo! I think I need to try this stuff, seeing as I'm obsessive about moisturizing my bags!
  12. Lol this thread is two+ years old--from 2006. I was just a tPF newbie. But I'm glad it can be helpful to someone.

    Natalie the conditioner is not a waterproofer per se but it does offer a slight amount of protection from water spots in my experience
  13. Lol - well, I was trying to do my research before I posted a new! It did help.
  14. Do you have an after picture? I'm so deathly afraid of treating my bags....
  15. ^Guys like I mentioned above this thread is about 2 1/2 years old!!!!!!! I have used the Apple conditioner many times on many of my bags and its very gentle. No problems whatsoever.