Gave another bag a happy new home today!

  1. Trying to pare down my collection a bit, and do something nice for someone nice at the same time! This one went to the Mommy of my little boys best friend. She's such a doll - like my little sister, and we have such fun BSing on our boys play dates even though she's 28 and I'm 43. I gave her a black leather hobo last year that she just about died when I gave it to her and uses it every day. I gave her this today and told her time for a springy-er signature bag. She was so happy, and I think I was even happier than her!
    I have several more in mind to find new homes for. I figure since it's Lent its a good time to give up something more than just chocolate this year!
    liz bag 001.jpg
  2. How wonderful! That was a very sweet and generous thing to do, I'm sure she was estatic! :nuts:
  3. Awwww that was so sweet!
  4. What a nice thing to do! Good for you hun!
  5. What a great friend... :smile:
  6. That was so generous of you! I'm sure you just made her spring/summer season! I think I'll have to follow your footsteps with my unused Coach bags because dealing with eBay is getting to be more of a PITA now.
  7. You are so sweet!! Way to keep going with the good deeds!!
  8. what a sweet friend you are! giving feels great, doesn't it?
  9. That's really wonderful and I'm sure she will love it very much. Plus, you've got some good karma coming your way ;)
  10. :tup::heart:
  11. Wow, thats really great! So sweet!:tup:
  12. What a nice thing to do! You're a great friend!
  13. You're a sweetie!!!
  14. You are such a sweetheart!
  15. Donnalynn, that is so kind of you to do for your friends. I think its a great idea to give some bags away for Lent! I love giving people things too, I like to make other people really happy! :yes: