Gaultier puts a Size 20 model on the runway.

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  1. Thrusting the pendulum in the opposite direction...


    "Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier found his own way to comment on the 'size zero' debate - by putting a larger model down the catwalk to show off his clothes. Dressed in a daring black corsetry, the plus-sized model dwarfed her fellow waif-like catwalk queens.

    Clearly more of a size 20 than the controversial model Size 0, this voluptuous woman proved big is beautiful as she strutted down the runway at Gaultier's 30th anniversary show yesterday during fashion week in Paris."

  2. I see what he's going for, but I think he's taken it too far in the other direction. It's almost as bad for you to be a size 20 as it is to be a size 0, so he's not really proving anything.

    Get some size 10s on and then we'd be talking!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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