Gaultier on a budget.

  1. Well, I think it was Gaultier that had chuck taylors strapped onto stilettos a few seasons ago, but I can't remember. Whoever it was, I decided to try it using a reeeeally old pair of chuck taylors and some cheap heels. I used shoelaces and rubber bands to put them together temporarily and they are quite stable not to mention comfortable! I'm going to try to salvage the peep toe's sole and heel so I can super glue it to the bottom another pair of sneakers sometime.



  2. I seriously hope you're just mildly retarded.
  3. All in good humour darling.
  4. hahahahahaha they're so funny!!!!!!!!!
  5. that's hilarious... but I hope you don't twist your ankle
  6. And I seriously hope you're just having that special 'calendar time'.

    I think its hilarious, and I also think you (the OP, obviously) should go for it! Use bonding cement, and maybe get a cleaner pair of sneakers to do it with. Instead of those laces find some really different thick ribbon to add after you find a way to bond them tightly to the shoe.

    They might not be practical, but if you wear them to a party you'll start a lot of conversations.

    There is nothing wrong with being young (or even older) and experimenting and having fun. Creativity isn't a bad thing, and with it comes the occasional oops. Besides I hear snitty comments are a common side effect of sticks being lodged in the wrong places. They have doctors for that, FYI.
  7. You could say I appreciate design with an added sense of humour, like Franco Moschino. I really liked the shoes Marc Jacobs did for his own line as well as Louis Vuitton for Spring 2008.
  8. You are obviously just unpleasant.....:hs:

    OP, good to see someone have fun!! Great sense of humour
  9. That is so creative! I have seen high heeled chucks recently at the mall, but yours are way more artistic :smile:
  10. Love it! Your very creative.
    PinkEms - Nasty little BIT** :smile:
  11. Creative. Just be careful not to hurt yourself in those! (says the girl who wears 5" heels)
  12. I think I'm going to save them for Halloween and try to be a club kid or just someone.. dressed oddly :shrugs::sweatdrop: