Gaufre hobo not tote

  1. Hi

    I understand boutiques are already clearing their fall/winter stuff but i have only just fallen in love with the gaufre last week.

    This was after i saw a lady carrying a slightly longer version than the tote one (i.e. the one that Beckham was seen carrying) that i see everywhere I might have gotten the name wrong but the style is definitely similar to the tote down right to the label, except for the size.

    Does anyone have a picture of it in brown please? And if anyone knows where i can still buy one, i would be most grateful.

  2. Thanks for your reply, Emmy.

    But its not the one i saw.

    I meant longer on the top; the lady was actually carrying it on her shoulder.

    The label and everything else looks like the one Beckham was carrying for Vick. Thanks
  3. Is this the bag? I have it in brown and :heart: it! Such a great bag! :yes:


    Oops: I found this at styledrops, not sure where you can find it in stores?