Gaufre Help - 3 styles, need your input - with pics

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  1. Hi guys,

    I have a NM gift card to use up and I'm thinking of getting a Gaufre. I've been admiring everyone's bags in the Gaufre thread in the reference library.

    Interested in if any of you own / have modeling pics of any of the following. I'd love modeling pics as I'm buying it sight unseen...

    First up, Tessuto Gaufre Large Satchel in Ivory. ($1745)
    Am I reading it correctly that it comes with two detachable shoulder staps - one shorter shoulder strap and one longer across the body strap in addition to the handles? Anyone know what the drop's like on the shoulder strap? (I'm not interested in cross-body action).

    Second, Tessuto Gaufre Frame Bag in Black. ($1555)
    I know... I'm looking for a Summer bag and it's black... but I love black. I've always loved black. Black clothes, black toenails (before, during and after the trend - thankyouverymuch!). I :heart: this bag.

    Third, Tessuto Gauffre Hobo in Tan. ($1290)
    This shape doesn't appeal to me quite as much, but I think it could look flattering on.

    So - what do you think?
  2. Well, my husband tried to get me one of those bags instead of the Black LV that I recently bought. He liked the one on the top and I like the one in the middle the best. I like that shape the of the middle the best, seems a little more sleek than the others. I looked at it in the black.
  3. I have the third bag..its a great bag..But Im more partial to the first ones style.I like totes more than hobos these days..LOL....
    Oh and the first one has shoulder straps(that DONT COME OFF) and ONE detachable messenger strap..NOT 2.
    U cant go wrong with any!
    My all time personal the CERA E/w satchel too..did u see that one?I own 6 I cant talk..I love them all in reality..just for different uses....
  4. i like the frame bag first, but i'd like it in the satchel color (if that's possible). my second choice would go to the satchel.

    i was just going to say that you should totally ask Jill. she has TONS of gauffres
  5. I actually got tired of the frame style for some weird just doesnt do anything for me anymore.
  6. Do you have the first one Jill? I'm curious as to what it looks like on with the shoulder strap and how big it is.
  7. I don't know a thing about these bags, but on first glance, I really REALLY like the way the 2nd one looks... plus, it's black... :tup: The other to give me an "enh" feeling...but still nice.
  8. I dont have the first one EMILY..I have a 2 handled gauffre tote in brown nylon..which is AWESOME..BUT pretty big!I have the exact third one in the pic u posted...its cute...but I dont wear it as much as my other gauffres for some reson..I seem to reach for the CERA E/W and the Brown E/W more.I also just got the Gauffre bowler in black..THATS A KILLER bag..has gold hardware......did u see that one.Do a search..I posted pics of mine..Its the perfect size...not too big at all.
  9. Sorry - I'm so unknowledgeable about Prada's. Is this the E/W style you're talking about?

    (I'm limited to what NM has... which isn't everything).
    I like the above one A LOT... but it only comes with an across the body strap and I think I'd like a shoulder strap....
  10. ^that is the E/W style..BUT it comes in DIFF sizes too.
    Those short straps will go on my shoulder.I actally ONLY buy shoulder bags...yet when I wear the satchel..i love to hand carry it..LOL...try it on..u will be surprised how chic it looks on your arm....
    definately check out the bowler too...great shape.
  11. I'm looking at the Bowler online

    Does it only come in leather? The napa stuff's a little out of my price range :sad:
  12. i like the third one and the east/west bag. NICE! what color are you leaning towards? i love that off white.
  13. [​IMG]

    This is my cera E/W sathcel..IN A SMALLER SIZE..than my brown E/W from last winter.Its alot smaller but still fits all my junk.I LOVES this bag to
  14. Yep..Thats the bowler..I have it in black leather..ID call your NM and see what they carry in the nylon styles..SOMETIMES NM only carries certain gauffres in all their stores......since u want to use a GC,...
  15. wtf is cera? lol thanks for helping jill