Gaufre alert!

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  1. Which is the best gaufre for me? ;)

    I currently have 3 prada nylon bags, a tote, a messenger and a clutch. I have fallen in love with the gaufre. Can't believe I don't have one yet! I have no access to a prada store near me, so I've to rely on you gals to help!

    I'm really petite like 4 11'. I'd certainly like some recommendations! Model numbers, prices and reasonings would be appreciated! :biggrin:
  2. ^ Do a search on go to the reference forum and look at all the lovely pics...lots are posted w/ style numbers, and if not..there are members here that can help you..also search in the MiuMiu forum too--b/c a few years ago Prada & MiuMiu were one forum and when the split was made we lost a TON of posts and pics...HTH!!!