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  1. hey prada experts! just you guys know what gauffre styles are readily available and what color? i love the cera E/W gauffre from spring but looks like its all gone...anyone know where i can find it...or if theres something similar? the new pinkish/nudish color is gorgeous too! thanks for your help :smile:
  2. Good morning!!!! I have the e/w gauffre in cera!!!!!...Yup..they are sold out...I doubt you'll find one on Bluefly...but I've seen the dark brown once in a while..not sure if it's the same bag that is bought and returned...You can try eBay...but I'd be very careful..and to tell you the truth I've never seen one in cera there...If one does pop up....have it authenticated here first...Or pm me and I can check mine for you...I purchased mine last year at Saks....It's my most expensive bag...eek!!! $2350!!! It was featured in one of there catalogues too so I cut out the page and keep it in the zippered pocket inside the bag..(I rarely use the bag and don't put anything in that pocket..I know..I'm anal..!!!! Good luck!!
  3. HI,
    I believe I saw the cera e/w gaufre purse over at Saks in south coast plaza, costa mesa, ca this past monday. call there quick and look for moniique - she was sooo nice.

    good luck
  4. meluvbags did you find one?!?!?
  5. Hi again...

    I went through my phone pics because I know I took pictures of the e/w when i was there (I liked it that much too! - i guess Emmy, you and I have great tastes;))... the color is so beautiful and the size of the purse is perfect - not too big, not too small... i hope you get it....

    Good luck!
    untitled.jpg untitled2.jpg
  6. omg guys that is gorgeous i love it!!! i'll give them a call and let you both know! thanks so much for your help
  7. Show us pics if you get one.
  8. hi ladies! i decided to go with a bottega bag instead...the SA was rude when I called to inquire about the gauffre cuz i wanted to make sure it was clean and all...i hate giving business to someone who gives my bad attitude...and i really love the BV bag i decided to go wtih that instead...its cheaper too haha :smile: thanks for all your help! if i do decide to get the gauffre again (which is likely :smile:) i will def post pics! thanks marose and emmy for your help!
  9. Oh I'm so sorry meluvbags... I hate it when I get bad SAs too and I usually will walk around until I get someone else. However, congrats on your BV purchase! I guess we'll have to visit the other forum to see your new baby:smile:

    Good luck next time!