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    Hi, I found this picture searching for Prada bags online. I'm new to Prada so please bear with me.

    Is this the Gauffre design? I know these come in nylon, but do they also come in leather?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Yes, and yes :smile: Newest Gauffre convert here !!
  3. Oh my. I need this bag! LOL. Thanks!

    I'm guessing the leather is more expensive than the nylon?
  4. Yep it is, much more unfortunately! To see some styles and colours have a look at raffaello network, they had quite a few in both leather and nylon. Not sure how many colours are still around in nylon though. Recently they still had green, orange, brown, black and white in nylon still on there. I've seen black, brown, camel, white and off white in leather.
  5. I notice the pic is from a replica site, wonder if they use pics of real bags?? Damn these tempting fakes:cursing:

    I've just looked at the site and they have a Burgundy/Wine coloured Gauffre tote, Prada didn't make it in this colour did they? If they did, I want it NOW:nuts:
  6. Missisa07 -- you can see a great many gauffres in the Show us your Gauffres thread in this forum -- all the styles, etc.
    The leather is a lot more but sometimes there are sales but it's still a pretty popular style -- I got mine on Bluefly for about 30% off.