Gauffre Tote in Militare - Yes or No?

  1. [​IMG]Girls, I need another bag like I need ......... well you know!! What does everyone think of the green & the style. Tomorrow is Saks EGC event! I can order it online, use 10% off, free shipping and no tax and get the gift card! HELP!!
  2. you're asking ME??LOL..........:yahoo: GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. PS- I saw it IRL..ITS GORGEOUS!!!!!
  4. I saw that too! It is pretty IRL. But personally, I like the Brown color a tad bit more :yes:
  5. I saw this bag yesterday and I think it's beautiful. Personally I would go for it! The only thing to consider would be your wardrobe. However, I think it's a pretty neutral color and shouldn't be any kind of problem.
  6. Love it!! Is there a promo code for the 10% and free shipping/tax? Just wondering.
  7. its lovely go for it.
  8. I heard the handles are pretty stiff- can you put them over your shoulders at all? and does the top close? does anyone know? TIA!
  9. missypoo,
    Check out the deals & steals forum/threads for the 10% & shipping. To save the Tax you have to have it shipped to a state that has no Saks stores - depend where you live. EGC card is only offered tomorrow.
  10. I live in Nebraska and there are no Saks stores here. Cool beans!!
  11. I had this tote and black and the handles are VERY HARD plastic..cant be worn on shoulder.....if that bothers you..Buy the more expensive one as i did..with the shoulder strap attached
  12. I think I'm gonna give in and order the Antic Cervo Satchel. So when I order it on the Sak site, do I just punch in the code August6C? Is this the correct code? Any other codes I need to put in too? Please let me know guys.
  13. Buy Buy Buy!
  14. I agree with Jill. I love that bag but I need convenience. I want to be able to wear it on the shoulder and the tote's handles are defiantly too hard for that.
  15. Go for it!