Gauffre Spring 2007 Color ??

  1. Hello
    I'm a newbie to the prada line..but I have fallen in :heart: with the gauffre satchel in the tessuto nylon...i've seen the fuschia pink accessories..but was wondering if the bags came in this color as well? I'm looking for the one that would retail around $1650ish USD...if anyone has seen or heard anything about the possibility of the gauffre nylon satchel coming in the pink color...lemme know! thanks so much! :smile:
  2. The gauffre satchel is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Try to look for the color u like from this window display...
  4. yep..they make it in pink...
  5. thanks for the responses ladies!
    i suspected they made it in the pink color..just Canada didn't get any in. :push:
  6. I know this is an old thread but I'm looking in that window display pic and was wondering if they make the nylon gauffre in red?? I'm dying for a red bag and also a gauffre but want nylon I think. Anyone know the complete list of colors it came in for nylon?
    Also did they make a red patent in the bigger bags or just east/west? I saw black patent on one of the sites in larger and a smaller red. Just can't find the larger red!?
  7. They make it in red..VERY hard to find though..also in RED PATENT
  8. Thanks Jill!

    I'm in love with the red leather Coffer in smooth leather that I saw on raffaello. (sp?) I SO wish I could find a gauffre like that. Guess I will go on a mad hunt for one in nylon instead unless the made smooth leather in red too?

    The patent is gorgeous but I kinda feel like I dont dress "dressy" enough to go with patent red leather.
    Oh well. Another bag to want!
    Thanks again for your help!
  9. I felt the patent was too much for me as well...It was hot though..LOL..Im still in search of the perfect RED bag..heehee.Good luck!
  10. Have you seen it in the pink?
    I ordered one in, sight unseen. I was wondering your thoughts! Thanks much!
  11. hiya,
    Yes the fuscia pink gauffe nylon satchel ($1890) is available in Canada at Holt Renfrew
  12. i wish they came in leather.....