Gauffre - so last season?

  1. This thread might be a bit 'so last season' but here goes.

    My BF is in the states at the moment, he was in Saks looking at bags for me (he even took pics on his mobile and sent them to me, very sweet:heart:). I told him to look specifically at the Gauffres as i've ben lusting after them on here for months. The SA completely put him off saying the Gauffres were so last season.

    I know some of you are still buying them, but for the pioneers (Jill - i'm looking at you :graucho:) who got them when they first came out, do you still use them, have I missed the boat? Should I instruct my BF to ignore the SA and get one anyway??
  2. D: ignore that SA, besides, if you love the bag, you should so get it! The bag is for you, not them!
  3. I never listen to this season, that season.... If you like it , go for it. These classic pieces are timeless, if you have been lusting after this bag but are talked into something you are lukewarm about because it is this seaon, you will regret it. Besides this season and last season is only a few months different!
  4. That's one flippin' DUMB SA!!! If it's "so last season" why is Prada still making new silhouttes and why are women clamoring to buy them. "So last season?" I think that SA needs to be "So Fired!"

    Did he happen to get their name? Tell BF to get you your bag, but make sure Mr. or Ms. "So Last Season" doesn't get the sale.

    My own philosophy: I buy what I like, period. This "so last season" is just the fashion industry's way of feeding women's insecurities by making them want to buy every new item they put out every new season. Sorry, but at 1-2K a pop (or more), I'm carrying *my* bags until I'm DEAD! :blah:
  5. Well said PP!! :woohoo::dothewave:
  6. first of all... That SA is a Dufus head!!gauffres r still being produced and r hotter than ever!!!!!!!I just got a new grey one from Prada,get one girl!!
  7. I was told the very same thing by an SA in Harrods in London even though there were gauffres galore on the shelf behind her! She said all the SAs were bored with the gauffres!
    You should buy what you love not what some SA thinks is in!!
  8. I don't trust what SA says. I only believe in my own eyes. If I like it, that is the bag I am going to buy. Plus, Gauffre is one of the most popular designs Prada made. I strongly doubt if they will discontinue it. If they do, then the Gauffre I have will be collector's items.

    I'd say, go for the Gauffre you like. You will not regret.
  9. :yahoo:Thanks for reaffirming my thoughts, the Gauffre is too good to miss.

    Prada Psycho I know what you mean, I keep all my bags but I do tend not to wear my older season bags after maybe a couple of years use, so I am influenced when someone says that's so last season.

    Right, my BF is going shopping again tomorrow, think i'll tell him to try Neiman Marcus and to ignore any SAs who try to tell him what's hot and what's not.

  10. What do you want AudreyII?
    Do you want to carry a bag that a SA told you to carry or do you want to carry a bag you love?
    AND, I just bought the silver guaffre messenger ..... I LOVE IT!
  11. YEAH!! Right on, PP!!:okay: Good grief if anyone ever sneered OMG how could she POSSIBLY still be carrying that bag from *gasp* 2006 I would rip out their spine and show it to them. :wlae:

    And my gauffre tote is ready to make her debut next month at work :supacool:.

  12. Ouch! That would leave a mark! ;)
  13. I have one from last winter and one from the spring. I still use them. And there are plenty on the shelves, as well as some new styles. Get what you like.
  14. I think the Prada SAs are just saying things like that about the gauffres because those "fade" bags that they are pushing so heavily aren't NEARLY as popular and they are trying to generate interest.
  15. I just had to mention that my 2 y/o granddaughter was looking at the screen here and saw the guaffres on BagBorrowOrSteal ad and said "grandmom, that's your purse!"