Gauffre Question

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  1. Does this bag of the Prada Triangle symbol on the out side?
  2. Not sure of your question....but my Gauffre has the triangle on the side of the bag
  3. You can go to the Saks 5th Avenue and/or Bergdorf Goodman sites n' get a better look at the bag.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Thanks

    I have never owned a Prada bag, some of the older bags have Trianles on the outside with Prada Printed on them.
  5. I have the gauffre hobo in black (which I love), and the triangle is on the outside (side). This whole gauffre collection is fantastic!!
  6. My Gauffre hobo has the triangle logo on the side of the bag, but the Gauffre tote does not.
  7. note that madonna has her gauffre bag custom made for her by prada, so although hers look like a standard model, it may differ in variuos respects from the ones you see available for us mortals... for example, this model is made larger for her. this is what my SA told me :smile: