gauffre leather & tessuto messenger (pics)

  1. i can't remember who was asking about this bag and with the search not working i'm at a loss...anyway here is the gauffre messenger i bought from nm during the sale last is sort of a hybrid i guess, both leather and tessuto...leather on the sides and bottom and inside of the flap and nylon everywhere else...i'm still getting used to the digital camera, i hope the photos are okay...

    (please excuse the crazy outfit, almost all i wear in the winter is black so i grabbed a light sweater so you could actually see the bag and since i just got these prada boots i thought i'd include them in the modeling shot)!
    gauffre 108.JPG
  2. okay...i think i'm having one of those days..i obviously haven't mastered the mirror pics and now there seems to be a problem with the photos of the bag and my camera battery just conked out...i'm going to have to recharge and try again tomorrow...i'm sorry! :sad:
  3. That's ok -- hard to get good contrast on black -- where something less white (beige would work or a color) the contrast is too hard for the camera to handle.
    Looks like a great bag and I know those boots -- good for you !~