Gauchos on Last Call

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  1. I just ordered one from the Texas Neiman Marcus store....they have a few left. It was $500 without tax. Their number is 214 363 8311. They have white, tan and burgundy. Thought somebody might want one. Good Luck.
  2. thanks for the info! Great price.
  3. No prob... but today is their last day of the sale.
  4. That is a great price since I paid $800 for mine. You girls are lucky! :smile:
  5. I bought the burgundy (two strap) in March of 2006 when they first came out and then I always wanted a white one. But there was always something else I wanted too. But I am not crazy about any of the new Fall stuff, so I just thought I'd call and see, but they had the white (long strap) which is want I wanted. And for the price I won't freak out if it gets dirty. I am really excited.
  6. thanks for posting
  7. you US people get the best sales !!! :rant: I don't think the gaucho has gotten below $1,000 even on the mini style when it's on sale here in Australia...

    Well, please post pics when your buys arrive :winkiss:
  8. Oh I am sorry we do get the greatest sales :yahoo:... I'll post pics. It should get here Thursday!
  9. anyone knows how much the off-white gaucho in messenger style is going for now and if they accept international credit cards? =/
  10. That's the one I bought. Yesterday was the last day of the sale. I think the left overs go to the Last Call stores. I am not sure about international shipping etc... but I paid about $530 plus tax.
  11. What a steal! I was just in the Dior Galliera and they had some Gauchos that were regular price. Glad I didn't cave. Wonder if this means that they will be finally going down @ the stores as well.
  12. It should! Gaucho prices have slashed all over, even here in Asia, though only 30% but still better than nothing :smile:
  13. wow really .... the Gaucho prices are still the same on the Dior website in UK... how depressing!
  14. Gauchos are now no longer sold in the boutiques here. They come out only during sales.