gauchos on ebay???

  1. Hi

    I was wondering why the gauchos on ebay dont sell well? Im contemplating listing my white med gaucho, but i have checked the completed items listings and they arent selling so well. how come? is it because of the plethora of fakes running rampant? or are gaucho bags just NOT in anymore? can someone shed me some light?

    TIA ;)
  2. Hi lv1011!

    You betcha it is the plethora of fakes! I used to see fake Gauchos sell at over $700 (and even over $1000 in two cases) when the bags first hit Ebay, meaning that all the people who are willing to pay a fair price for the bag have already purchased it, and the remaining interested buyers are those that are only willing to pay lower prices (which is why they're still looking)...but even many of these buyers have ended up buying fakes, meaning that there are even fewer out there who are willing to pay as much.

    Still, there is always the chance that a few new Gaucho lovers are scrambling madly on Ebay to buy the real deal (I was a late Gaucho lover...I only started liking the bag after I saw it on a lady in the supermarket months after the bag came out), so you may be lucky. Just be sure to take lots of good pictures to reinforce the authenticity of the piece.
  3. I also wonder why gauchos don't sell well on Ebay. Even the authentic ones do not sell well. I've seen a couple auth single saddle gauchos in excellent condition go for just above $500. :confused1:
  4. may- you make great valid points. Im going to attempt to list it on ebay this weekend and see what results. Im hoping it will sell lol

    pewter- thats my fear. Im not going to let go of an authentic 1300$+ bag for a mere $500..i rather keep it KWIM?
  5. A good idea is to say you have the receipt and you will send it with the winning bag. Thats what I did when I sold my gaucho's. They came with Harrods and Selfridges receipt.
  6. LV1011, you should still try to sell it if you are not using it. Definitely show the receipt if you still have it and offer a copy of it with your personal info all blacked out for the winning bidder. Also take very clear photos of everything so people will be able to determine that it is authentic. Good luck!