Gaucho Tote

  1. Hi,
    I have the Gaucho Tote in the greenish brown color that I bought at Dior last March. My girlfriend just bought a similar bag in off-white. We took mine to compare when she went to pick it up and it was hard to tell if it was fake or not based on quality.
    The she just bought is slightly smaller than mine and under the front flap doesn't have a zip pocket. Does anyone know if two sizes were made in the tote (not flap-I know those range).
    Also do any international Dior fans know if the authenticity cards in the US and France are different?


  2. hello, persanally I think that Dior only made one size of the tote but theres like 3 or more style of them... not sure, lets see others :smile:
  3. as far as i know the magnetic closure tote only comes in one size and should have the zip under the flap ...the bigger tote is closed with a zip not with a magnetic closure ... could u maybe post pics of the bag? would be much easier ...anyone else ladies?:smile:
  4. ^ ita with nat. that's as far as i know about the totes. either a "smaller" version which is the magnetic button closure or the "larger" version which closes with a zip rather than button.

    as for authenticity cards, i think it should be the same throughout. i've bought my bags both in asia, us and uk and all of them came with the same type of authenticity cards.
  5. Hi,

    This is the link to the bag she bought: BRAND NEW NEVER USED CHRISTIAN DIOR DOUBLE GAUCHO HANDBAG (will expire fairly soon)

    I can only find pictures online of the tote that zips. When I bought mine I wished it zipped close, but it looks like that one is bigger than mine (which is personally too big for me).
  6. Schmodi, has your friend paid for the bag yet? because from what i can tell, it appears to be a fake, the leather is looking pretty odd and not to mention, that authenticity card has long been phased out by dior.
  7. Yes, she did. I think she's ok with it being a replica since it's done so well, but we were just trying to figure it out. I'm so sick of these fakes being everywhere. If they are illegal to sell and own then how do so many people thrive off that market?

  8. its not done well Schmodi it screams fake straight away the leather looks awful bad and the trim that should be brown is clearly orange and plasticky :yucky:

    to compare - this is the real gaucho i got on eBay ...

    eBay: AUTH CHRISTIAN DIOR LARGE GAUCHO DOUBLE HANDBAG $1550 (item 160085744093 end time Feb-15-07 11:08:04 PST)

    i think you should try and convince your friend to get her money refunded if possible - do chargeback if she paid cc - and get a REAL dior! :yes: i totally understand how u feel about fakes i feel the same way ...
  9. plus that bs on her auction about stuff going on sale for half price ...fist of all gauchos do NOT go on sale as they are so popular and still being produced and then even if she bought it half price it would still have to be at least 550-600 dollars before he even makes any money on it...:shrugs:
  10. Yes, that's what I thought too. I know when I bought mine I had it shipped from New York to Costa Mesa I picked it up. It was waitlisted for months at Neiman's. The new Dior line still features many more varities of the gaucho bag.

    Regarding your bag on eBay-are you sure it's authentic? If I were to sell mine on eBay I wouldn't start the listing at 200. Seems like such a low price to start the auction.

    I hate fakes too. I like to browse on ebay, but I haven't purchased a bag on there in years because it's just too hard to tell these days. Some of these AAA replicas even store associates have problems telling the difference.
  11. That bag looks fake to me.

    I have the white gaucho tote that I purchase directly from Dior butique as from of the things I notice right away comparing these pics are:

    The stiches on mine is brown not white as the bag that your friend purchased from Ebay.

    The authenticity card looks different from mine. I will try to post pics later so you can see.

    I am sick of Fake bags too and there are plenty in Ebay.:yucky:
  12. Here are pics of mine when I first got her!:p :heart:

    White Gaucho 01.JPG

    White Gaucho 03.JPG

    White Gaucho 05.JPG

    Gaucho and me.JPG

    White gaucho tote 06.JPG

  13. yes hun its authentic i really managed to land a deal :yes: that seller has sold plenty of bags that are used and all good price . Our ladies here authenticated first and i compared it to my identical red tote bought at Dior when it arrived :yes:
  14. And the authenticity card:

    I bought the bag in US (the Galleria, Houston).
    Gaucho receipt01.JPG
  15. gauchobabies.JPG