Gaucho or Spy?

  1. I want to get one of these bags. Remember, just one :biggrin: Is the Spy totally out? How much are they?
    I love the Gaucho but it maybe hard to get. Anyone know where I can find a Gaucho or a Spy here in Southern California?

    What do you guys think? Gaucho or Spy? Thanks again!
  2. I like the spy more than the gaucho, even though the spy has been out longer. I dont think that its "out" quite yet, but if you like the style that doesnt matter. If you're set on the gaucho call Dior and have them do a search, but if they can't find it get on a waitlist :biggrin:
  3. I agree....Eluxury has a few Gauchos and Spy bags. Saks and Neimans has some Spy bags.
  4. i returned my medium white gaucho to NM in beverly hills. 310-355-5900. godd luck
  5. i like the spy can dress it up or down. it is so versatile.
  6. Are these your only choices? If so, I vote 'Spy'
  7. Spy over gaucho...

  8. WOW!! I'm the only one voting for Gaucho! I love the Gaucho, I own 2! the spy is beautiful, I have one too but it's a hassel to carry and it's to big!!! It was a big hit last year, but If your interested in the Gaucho's elux still has them in stock.
  9. I like the Spy better.
  10. I totally prefer the Gaucho! The Spy isn't "me" at all.
    There's a Neimans here still holding a red Gaucho for me I think, let me know!
  11. Spy! Although, I think it depends on how versatile you want the bag to be. The spy can be dressed up or down, where the Gaucho just screams casual IMO.
  12. I have a medium gaucho in red and I LOVE it! It is one of my favorite bags! It is great with casual wear. I had a honey spy but returned it. Wasn't loving it after I got it. It was an "awkward" bag to carry IMO.
  13. I vote spy! The gaucho is nice but I still prefer the design of the spy.
  14. Gaucho tote!
  15. I have both bags and I love both of them!:love:

    It depends what look you are looking for. Gaucho is more casual and with the spy you can dress up and down. I say go for the spy!:love:

    I love my spy and I will wear it whenever I want to use it even if the "it" factor is gone. I always admire the unique design and the leather of the spy! :love: