Gaucho off-white, help please!

  1. I just bought a shoulder Gaucho (the one with the zipper on top) two days ago in Off-White.. I just fell in love with it.. however, I was really choosing between off-white and black because black seems to be so much more durable.

    Does anyone know whether off-white color is hard to take care of? I would really hate to see it get dyed with jeans or dirty since I love it so muchl.. please help me decide! thanks!!!
  2. i am also kinda confused with all the sizes. I have been reading a lot on the posts but still didn't get it.

    what I saw at the boutique, gaucho had 3 sizes that were shoulder bags (not tote)
    - large, long strap
    - medium, with zipper closure (the one I bought)
    - smaller, with flap closure (this one seems to be the most common? I can't find the medium size on on diabro)

    are these the only 3 sizes that are shoulder bags?
    so confused, but still in love with the off-white color. it is quite pricey though.. that's why I thought maybe diabro has a better deal but I can't seem to find that size on it.
  3. congrats!!! :tup:
    i bought exactly the same bag in black today, but ...believe me i would definitely go for the off-white if i could find it! it needs a lot of care, but it is just great!!
  4. I have the Gaucho mediume size one in off-white.
    It is very easy to get jean color transfer to the bag and it does show dirt easily even though they make it this vintage look.
    You have to spread / protect your bag first before use and clean it right away with baby wipes after getting stuff on it..

    I love white much more then black so I got the white even though it is much harder to keep clean!

    Good luck and please post pictures!!
  5. Ooohh....I really love this bag!!!

    Congrats on your purchase and don't worry about getting it dirty - I heard baby-wipes will take care of any smudges.

    Please post pics I have only seen the Gaucho Hobo on and really want to see more pics of it!!
  6. I was told by my SA that she had a customer who spilled a glass of red wine on her off-white gaucho and I think she said the customer soaked the bag in water and all the wine stain came out and the bag was fine. It sounds really bizarre, but that's what I was told.
  7. Thank you all so much for your advice. I will have a small box of baby-wipes ready to go! Will also spray some leather protection coating too. I really like the color.. Will post photos once I take it out in action! Thanks!!
  8. I got the off-white gaucho in April and I think it has held up well for a light color. The first time I wore it I did have some dye from my jean transfer but I used baby wipes and you can't really see it anymore (on the back side anyway). I'll also had some other minor marks that have come off with baby wipes. The markings they don't seem to take care of are those caused by the hardware. I have some black markings around the buckle but they are hardly noticable. I think the leather has a vintage look to it that also helps hide the dirt. Good luck.
  9. i would think that off-white is a beautiful color for the gaucho... and the rest shall be yellow and red. hehe =D