Gaucho Metallic Medium

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  1. Thank you all for the replies to my previous thread. I finally got a Medium Gaucho in Metallic Leather. It was on sale for a little over $900. I love the style, the color and how versatile it is. However, I don't know if anyone here owns one in Metallic leather. THe leather is not only a little stiff (which is ok), but very rough on surface. That concerns me that it could ruin some of my delicated clothes made with silk or cashmere. Anyone has any opinion? Thanks.
  2. The only ones I've seen in store lately have been the metallic one you are describing. I don't know if they are still selling the matte leather - or if it is now discontinued.

    From what I saw - yes the leather doesn't look smooth.

    I don't own a metallic one - so can't help with your query - but it is a valid question.

    I think though for it being such a high quality item from a luxury label that deals with high end fabrics - that they wouldn't make a bag that's going to potentially damage their own delicate clothing lines...
  3. lind PM zerodross she has that bag and will be able to tell you :yes: