Gaucho and/or Wide Leg Lounge Pants

  1. Does anyone know where I can find Gaucho style or wide leg lounge/sweat pants like the one pictured below? :heart: (This picture was taken from Nordstroms.)

    I know Abercrombie, Juicy and Priimp have some wide leg sweats but does anyone know where else I can find Gaucho style or wide leg sweat pants?

  2. lululemon makes really comfy yoga wear. I did a quick look through the long pants they sell and here is one that is wide legged. There are many varieties, so check out their website. I hope you find something :amuse:

  3. Awesome! Thanks! I will have to check out the lululemon store near me!
  4. You won't regret purchasing from their store. I haven't had a problem with quality and the pants are SO comfortable. I have many pairs of pants from lululemon.
  5. Another fan of Lululemon here!
  6. Me 2! I love their stuff! Their pants are great and their hoodies are really warm. You won't regret buying stuff from them.
  7. young, fabulous & broke have great wide leg lounge pants. here's a pair from revolve clothing.

  8. sells cropped versions
  9. How much shipping charges????
  10. I don't know but I love pants like these for the spring/summer. I found some new ones at the thrift store about a week ago. NWT $150 I paid $6. They are really cute lightweight material. I can't remember the designer.