Gathered Sophia...New colors to come?

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  1. Hi ladies, many of you are very savy to the new bags to come so my question to you is..are there any new colors to come in the Gathered Sophia besides black, grey or purple?

    I have the black and considering the grey but if there are new colors coming I may wait...but that's so hard to do!
  2. I hope, I really would love a gathered in red!
  3. A few months back I had an SA in the FP store tell me that she sees that the gathered sophia will be coming out in red. She was looking at the computer and I questioned her and she gave me the style number. It was the style number for the gathered sophia. After that visit I have not been able to get anyone to find this. I guess she was hallucinating!
  4. RED would be fabulous!!!! That would be worth waiting for
  5. I think it might be coming out in Bone. I thought I saw one on eBay.
  6. its definitely coming in bone. its in the macys system but its not out yet. ill try and call jax tomorrow if i get a chance and see if they'll tell me what other colors. i tell them im calling from macys when im at work and they tell me anything and everything :nuts:
  7. How savy of you all of us Gathered Sophia lovers thank you!!
  8. you're welcome ill let u guys know tomorrow =]
  9. Don't play with my emotions :P lol I hope it will be a crimson red
  10. Its coming in blush and a silver grey
  11. Is the Silver Grey different than the Grey that's out now? Maybe more of a shimmer or metalic?
  12. I want red as well.
  13. I am not holding my breath on that one....Coach seems to be stingy with the red bags, but it would be TDF!!
  14. Oooh I so agree
  15. is that different than the gray and bone? explain more please lol