Gathered Sophia #15947

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  1. Hi Ladies

    Does anyone know if the large gathered sophia will be available during PCE. I tried to look it up on and nothing comes up. I think it is love at first sight with this bag. I am so glad Coach is making more of the larger bags with brass hardware which is my favorite. :nuts:

  2. I think it will be = the new bags aren't on Coach yet. Saw the small gathered last night - it was soo pretty!!
  3. Thanks. I can't wait to see it IRL. I hope my local boutique has it.
  4. YES! the new floorset will be out on Sept 24 so its towards the back end of PCE
  5. What are the prices on the small and large? I didn't realize there were two different sizes. I was thinking of the grey gathered that someone revealed on here for $598 - is that the large?
  6. yes, large is 598 and small is 498
  7. Thank you!!!:biggrin:
  8. I revealed the grey one and it was the large one.

  9. Hi keokicat....How large would you say this bag is? I'm hoping it is a really nice size.

  10. The dimensions given to me by JAX are 17.3"w x 12"h x 3.34"d.
  11. Thanks!
  12. That's it. Love it! Did you end up keeping her?
  13. No, I didn't like the color. The grey was very flat and dull. It was like a submarine grey. I wanted something like the color of the graphite Mia Maggie.